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MM's Broken Bard and Bent and Twisted

Emperor Roland

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Hey all!

For those that may not know... We here, at Castle Roland, are slowly posting all of Multimappers stories.  Since he has so many wonderful stories, it will take YEARS for us to post them all.  With that in mind, we will be posting here, updates on his personal sites, that way you can read all the stuff that we have not posted here. 





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MultiMapper… Just finished reading Chapter 3 of ‘Pioneer’ and I must say how great it was to read. Another GREAT Chapter of Another GREAT Story… You are a true Artist with words and characters… You make them real so much so that we the readers seem to fall in love with them and hope the best for them… and Hope that you share more of their stories with us… I’m really like that you end these chapters with the Log Entries for each of the Cadets… It adds so much to the story. 

Again THANK YOU for sharing this wonderful story with us your Fans…


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Happy Holidays Everyone!

MultiMapper has posted Chapter 16 for Holiday Handoff.  You can download the complete story from his sites to view in your particular ebook reader format. 

I personally love this story (well all of them actually).  The line '"The Nazi Flight Attendant told me to sit over here.' got my attention and so many others kept me waiting each year for the next chapter. 

Please enjoy!



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I thought that I was doing pretty good just giving you new chapters of... something.

Anyway, I'll admit that it is kind of a grab bag.


These are the chapters that I have ready to go, so I'm putting them out there for you to enjoy while I try to write new chapters of both new and old stories.

Until I can come up with a more productive way of doing it, I'm just going to keep cranking 'em out.

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if you want a true hellish school just visit my own in France, there you have student beaten daily and sometime teacher too. If you"re not part of the leading minority you get stolen if you have something of a better value than they have, you need to constantly watch your back because some have knife and don't hesitate to use it. the adult don't do anything either out of fear or because they profit from the situation... the worse is that the government know about it but won't do anything because they don't have the money to enforce their rule (that the official excuse but sometime I feel it's more the "I'm not affected so why should I care" attitude)

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