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  1. JohnnyC


    Paul, Thank you for the latest posting ! The boys are feeling a bit randy now that they are boyfriends , Too cute ! Cheers, John C .
  2. JohnnyC


    Hello Paul, Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your stories with us here at the castle. I’ve enjoyed reading the 4 chapters posted so for “ William “ , I look forward to reading the next when posted , Thanks again, John Celestre .
  3. Hello Jesse, Thank you so much for the latest chapters , Jarred is a great older brother too . I was happy that he gave the puppy to Jesse & the trip to six flags will be a blast for the 3 of them . Just scared about Willie possibly attacking jesse , But Jarred would kick his butt, Cheers for now, John Celestre
  4. Hello Chowhound , It was some great reading with the surprise birthday party for Matthew! He so deserved it too, Thank you for sharing this latest chapter with us , Cheers, John Celestre
  5. Hello Mark , Thank you so much for this loving and adventurous story with us ! . I look forward to any new stories you might share with us. Cheers, John Celestre
  6. Hello Chowhound , Thank you for the latest chapter in Young Matthew’s life @ Cove ! , Cannot wait to see what carter tries to do ! Cheers, John Celestre .
  7. D’Artagnon, Its possible that you need a break from writing , Have you tried selling your wonderful stories on amazon via kindle format . I know life is tough, Going through my Gran’s death - I lost my job because my leave of absence went over 3 months. Now money’s running out , But I feel a new door is opening as the old one closes . Keep your chin up and smile everyday buddy . I wish you all the luck to get through your issues you have , Peace be with you too, John Celestre .
  8. Hello Art , Thank you so much for sharing your story with us . I too did a DNA test and Found my Aunts missing twin brother . I’m hoping you write a sequel, I want Jason to find his Father ! Thank you again, John Celestre .
  9. May his memory be a blessing upon his grieving family & friends . I too enjoyed his writing “ Wizard heart “ the last chapter was quite the cliffhanger too. Rest In Peace DJ Thomas 💐
  10. Hello Jesse, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing the 1st chapter of your story with us . Look forward to see what mischief these 3 freshmen get in to , Cheers, John Celestre
  11. Hello Art, Thank you so much for sharing this story with us , I truly enjoyed the first two chapters posted and look forward to more . Thank you again & Take care, John Celestre
  12. Hello Parker, Wow ! That was one scary story to read . I felt so bad as one event after another was happening to this poor family and it’s community , It really opened my eyes up to this kind of possibility actually happen if Yellowstone Park blew up or the San Andreas fault let loose . Congratulations on winning the contest too, Cheers, John Celestre
  13. JohnnyC

    What If

    Hello David, Thank you for sharing this fine story with us , I just read the latest chapter # 5 so happy the young daddies have some private time to themselves now, Thank you again, John Celestre .
  14. Hello Chowhound , Thank you for the latest chapter , # 22 with Grammy talking to the boys and helping Matthew deal with his feelings about his mother . The Thanksgiving meal sounded quite delicious too. Cheers, John Celestre
  15. JohnnyC

    What If

    Hello David, Thank you for sharing your writing with us , I enjoyed the first chapter and can’t wait to see how Josh & His Son get along . Cheers, John Celestre
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