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  1. Hello Maxie , Another Fantastic Story , I laughed when the characters mentioned “ Golden Bay” and nothing to see there . Keep up the great work , Cheers, John Celestre
  2. Hello Maxie , Fantastic Story , Did These characters cross over into Ayden’s eyes a few times?. Beautiful story anyways, Cheers, John Celestre
  3. Hello Chowhound, I just wanted to say thank you for the latest chapters of #5 Matthew, I thought for sure they were going to kidnap him in the latest chapter , Cheers, John Celestre.
  4. Hello David, Thank you so much for sharing your two short stories with us , Both were very emotionally packed. I hope you continue writing more shorties from this trailer park theme too, Happy New Years, John Celestre .
  5. Hello Gary, Thank you so much for sharing this great story with us , Chapter 18 with Billy & Lewis Finely hooking up possibly???. Cannot wait for the next chapter, Happy New Years, John Celestre.
  6. Happy New Years Chowhound, I just wanted to say thank you for the latest chapter of Book#5 Matthew, It was quite interesting with the Boys fighting over Matthew’s making friends with the school bully too, Take care, John Celestre
  7. Happy New Years Eric, Thank you so much for the latest chapter in “ Ripple Effect “ , Glad to see them slowly start their journey north to Jamestown . Look forward to the next chapter in Feb, Take care, John Celestre
  8. JohnnyC


    Hello Paul , I just wanted to say thank you for writing “William “& “ Liam “ Stories , I hope if the writing bug bites you again “ Christopher “ might be your next major character storyline. He’s a real smart kid , And I wonder if He and Marcus become close friends . Thank you again, John Celestre
  9. Hello Chowhound , Dad Ken gets to see if his new device works or not??? Cheers, John C .
  10. JohnnyC


    Paul, Thank you for the latest posting ! The boys are feeling a bit randy now that they are boyfriends , Too cute ! Cheers, John C .
  11. JohnnyC


    Hello Paul, Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your stories with us here at the castle. I’ve enjoyed reading the 4 chapters posted so for “ William “ , I look forward to reading the next when posted , Thanks again, John Celestre .
  12. Hello Jesse, Thank you so much for the latest chapters , Jarred is a great older brother too . I was happy that he gave the puppy to Jesse & the trip to six flags will be a blast for the 3 of them . Just scared about Willie possibly attacking jesse , But Jarred would kick his butt, Cheers for now, John Celestre
  13. Hello Chowhound , It was some great reading with the surprise birthday party for Matthew! He so deserved it too, Thank you for sharing this latest chapter with us , Cheers, John Celestre
  14. Hello Mark , Thank you so much for this loving and adventurous story with us ! . I look forward to any new stories you might share with us. Cheers, John Celestre
  15. Hello Chowhound , Thank you for the latest chapter in Young Matthew’s life @ Cove ! , Cannot wait to see what carter tries to do ! Cheers, John Celestre .
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