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Mafia Game


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Some of you might have heard (or played) this game, which is also called WEREWOLF if we use a high fantasy theme.  It is a party game that is also well-suited in a forum context.  Would you like to give it a shot?  I can run the first game.


At the basic core of the game, there are two sides:

  1. Innocent Villagers
  2. The Mafia

At the beginning of the game, the villagers far outnumber the number of mafiosi.  The villagers win if the mafia is eliminated from the village.  The mafia wins if they outnumber the number of villagers.  


The mafia has the advantage of knowing who their members are.  The villagers are not given any information by the moderator.  Roles are randomly determined by the moderator.


Basic Gameplay:

  1. The game is divided into two phases: "night" and "day".  The game starts at "night" and alternates between the phases.
  2. During "night", the mafia "wake up" and pick a target to kill.  This is done by a private message to the moderator.
  3. During "day", the entire village (including the mafia) "wake up" and pick a target to lynch.  This is done in a public discussion thread with one player getting one vote.  The player who gets the majority of votes is lynched.  If there is a tie, no one is lynched.
  4. Depending on the game, identities of dead players can either be kept secret after death or be revealed.  I have only tried the latter variation, which means there can be no resurrections in the game.
  5. The cycle continues until victory is achieved.

Additional Roles: The basic gameplay works well if there aren't many participants in the game.  If there are a lot of participants, then the following roles can be introduced into the game on a case-to-case basis.  All actions are secretly communicated via PM to the mod.

  1. Detective: A villager who can investigate the role of one player at night.   The mafia-aligned variant is called the "Spy" and the werewolf-aligned variant is called the "Seer"
  2. Fool: A villager who can investigate the role of one player at night, but will always get the wrong role.  Note: although the role is wrong, the affiliation may not be wrong.  The fool does not know they are a fool; they think they're a detective.
  3. Vigilante: A villager who can kill one player each night.   
  4. Doctor: A villager who protects one player from being killed each night.  The doctor cannot protect himself.
  5. Survivalist: A villager who kills his own killer, unless there is intervention by a doctor.
  6. Lucky Stiff: A villager who cheats death once.  After this, he becomes a normal villager and can be killed as normal.

There are of course more roles than this (and we can add more factions - say like having two evil teams out to kill everyone else).  But before introducing such complexity, I thought the basic variant should be tried first.  At the very least, I'm hoping to have 3-5 day/night cycles before a game ends.


Is anyone interested?

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