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Hachiko - we should all be lucky to have a friend like this.


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This is the wikipedia, but the story is so touching you really should look up the movie.  2009, with Richard Gere and so many other great actors.


We should all be lucky to have a friend like this.  I say friend because Hachi is more than just a pet.  His devotion and love for his master are touching.  The Futurama episode "Jurrasic Bark" was a tribute to Hachi, and so many other pop culture references mention him.  There are statues, memorials carved in stone and his body is even preserved, still waiting for his master to return.  It is such a touching thing.


I've been a dog lover my whole life.  I can not have one now because my land lord would have a cow and my apartment is really too small for a dog.  But I would be honored if such a dog as Hashi chose me to be his companion.  I cried watching this movie.  Benji found it on Netflix.  I highly recommend it.

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