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  1. A.B

    The 5 Adams

    And thus It ends. Thank you all for reading and for your kind words.
  2. A.B

    The 5 Adams

    uhm...wow lol thank you both for your incredible words I don't know what to say lol, so thanks!
  3. A.B

    The 5 Adams

    Some surprises and three chapters to go!
  4. And thus it ends, Valana's story as told by me, but it so continues in the imagination of the readers.
  5. One more chapter to go, a little more suspense and questions to be answered. All that's left for the epilogue of this series.
  6. awwww ty! and glad you're liking the story so far
  7. A.B

    Brave Lake Manor

    Hey, glad to hear you liked the story and its characters. No sequel, I'll leave the rest to the reader's imagination as to what happens to the Manor and its inhabitants after the end of the story.
  8. Heh, this is where it gets interesting, is it not? lol. 8 chapters down, 4 to go and the whole of Valana is encased in all out war or will soon be as the Elven and Alliance hosts head to meet the Oghellen forces. And what of Aer'andil?
  9. A.B

    The 5 Adams

    Admit it, you *love* me leaving you with more questions than answers in each chapter's end, lol.
  10. Oh i kind of never do tell but also do tell why the girls were on that ship lol, Astraid's father sends them to Dara as an official visit in a previous chapter, and they are on board an Oghellen (enemy) ship now. add 1 and 1 lol.
  11. A.B

    The 5 Adams

    thanks and yeah just when you think a question's been answered....new ones pop out! I'm afraid I'll have to ping pong your emotions before the end of this story....*some* lol Hopefully you continue to enjoy it
  12. A.B

    The 5 Adams

    and because it is mentioned in the latest chapter, here's a 3D rendering/visualization of how the acropolis/Parthenon would have looked like back when.
  13. A.B

    The 5 Adams

    Heh, I read someplace that for a story to be good an author must "make" three questions (to the reader) every three pages (never said when to answer them lol)...I think I may have been a bit overzealous in this story in this regard. xD
  14. awwww thanks and glad you're liking the story!
  15. A.B

    The 5 Adams

    lol, zach's only the messenger He gives new chapter updates lol. Andreas' age....isn't that a question? lol Triton probably had done some puking before going to confront Andreas lol, I mean he did see him decapitate a guy a few days ago. lol Yeah...if only Grove was the only sadist in the world, lol. Geeje...now I'm wondering what'll happen next. lol
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