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ken barber

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The Holiday Season is upon us here in the US. I am curious what sort of traditions you and love ones have during the season.

In my Family we have a few traditions we follow.

Starting with Halloween we have the family pumpkin carving event. This started a few years ago and the quality of the carvings has gotten better and better and more and more if the family is involved each year.


The night before thanksgiving. Me, one of my sisters,one of my brothers and his wife have a little get together and do all the food preping for the next day, This involves copious amounts of alcohol and every year so far something gets burned, spilled or forgot. But we have fun


Thanks giving day all 4 of the boys take my dad to the High school thanksgiving day football game.


The first major snowstorm we all still go out sledding now we take the nieces and nephews. 


On Christmas eve My sister and I watch A Christmas Carol staring George C Scott. Others have joined us over the years but my sister and I are always there.


What are your Traditions?

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My traditions came to an end when my wife passed away. Without her, I see no joy in Christmas or any other holiday. My "natural" children are incensed that I did not distribute my wife's money to them on her death (her illness soaked up almost everything we had) and I am left with ONLY my two foster sons (another "gripe" of my (un) natural children). My two Foster sons live far away, but both of them and their families will visit me during the Christmas Holidays. One foster son is gay and he and his partner found and raised a throw away boy, who is now an adult and has a same sex spouse. The other foster son is an ex-Marine who was severely wounded in the 'stans and lost his left leg. He is married and they have two children whom they have adopted as his injuries ended any chances he might have fathered any children himself.


While I will love having those two families around me, the Christmas Season no longer holds any joy for me.


Charles Bird

Sea Bird

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