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A sad day for online writing

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It is always a very sad time when we have to announce to our online family, that we have lost one of our own. With a heavy heart I have to report to you that, Jack Scribe beloved author of "The Splash Series" and "The Vegas Series" left this world in the fall of 2014.


I would ask that everyone take a moment and reflect on what he personally has meant to you. You do not have to post here if you do not want to, but it is always said that grief shared is grief halved.


While I never had the honor of speaking to him directly, we had emailed several times in the past. I have read his stories, and am proud to call myself a fan of his work.


Jack, thank you for touching my heart, and my life. You will be missed from those of us down here. But we all know that you are watching over us, and I hope we can make you smile.

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I first came across Jack Scribe's Vegas series stories about 15 years ago on the internet and then "lost him and found him" a number of times after that. His stories were always a pleasure to read, they were both exciting and human and when his story character took a young boy in and sheltered and nurtured him, I was hooked. We have lost an important member of our writing fraternity!



Charles Bird

Sea Bird,

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