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  1. 1. Would you like to see more events like the Holloween Contest?

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I think it would be nice to see non-writing contests for those who don't write. Maybe an artist contest? (there would be something I can assure you I would stay out of, cause I could make a stick figure look bad) I think there is other creativity available so lets get creative on finding ways for board members to express their abilities.

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A poetry contest?

I'm not so sure about that.

Haikus are better.


I don't quite think that poetry stands a chance

Admittedly the genre has its fans.

Adherence to tradition is their stance.

But finding rhymes can be a maddening dance

You can't write verses with but just a glance.

The boring meter puts us in a trance.

So might as well book holidays in France.

Before you gouge your eyes out with a lance.

Or cover them at least with your work pants.

Tortured rhymes! Can't wait to hear your rants!


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I am back from the land of Retail Management during the great Christmas, going into debt and trying to buy more toys for our kids than our neighbor does so our child can claim affluenza when they screw up, season. 


I like the idea of a poetry contest and a sketch contest. But how would you guys see it working


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