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What the F@*K


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Okay... so i just got told by mom that I WILL be going trick or treating this year!  Can you believe this shit?  Then to make it worse, she told me that i had to dress up!  I mean come on!  That's kids shit!


I got no idea what to dress up as, so she suggested i ask you guys.  Well i got enough time before i have to make a total ass out of myself, by dressing up in some stupid costume, so... help me out here guys! 

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Haha, looks like I just struck a nerve so we need to come up with the perfect tinkerbell like outfit for Juan. I mean in Tinkerbell there are also male fairies so maybe he can take a cue from one of those characters and come up with a perfect fairie outfit. Juan, you asked so we are just saying....

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Hey Juan,


You know, I decided not to do the whole trick or treating thing either.  But, that doesn't mean you can't have Halloween fun.  Like, I know you're wicked good at all the hiding in plain sight and not being seen moving and junk.  So like, why not scare the big bullies that go around stealing candy from kids on Halloween, or like the meanies who go busting pumpkins.  You could do some kinda urban camo thing and like make those bullies think twice about messing with little guys.  I know I'm gonna do something like that tonight with my buddy Sammy.  Maybe I can convince my older buddies to join in as well.  Well, you know, if I can pry them off each others faces.  And I thought I was horny, heh-heh-heh!


Anyways, even if we don't like go scaring the pee out of bullies, we could just chill at my house, play some cards with some buds or something.  I promise i wont even cheat this time.  My mom makes a killer apple pie!


Talk to you laters, gater,

Max Perault


p.s.:  I'm planning on drinking a whole lot and making up some pee filled water balloons for bully suppression.  you got any other ideas for weapons of this type?

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