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[Special Note: The new website is now live. As a result the links throughout this thread are invalid except for the latest posting to the thread. All of Andrew Todd's stories can now be found at Andrew Todd]

New Story!

Prologue: Empath's Kiss http://www.castleroland.net/library/author/andrew_todd

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Andrew, while the topic of your story is not unique, you have already established it in a very warm, human way. Young Todd is what we oldsters would call a "nice, clean cut young man", I suspect he will have much to contend with as his story unfolds. Death, however looked forward to by some, is not pretty. It usually involves pain and suffering, not only by the person who dies, but also on the part of those loved ones who are left behind. That your hero can assist someone in crossing that threshold in dignity  makes him unique and, hopefully, capable of so much more. Since he is still young, I look for him to grow in his powers and abilities and, because of his compassion, that I believe he will become a major force for good, making battle against those forces who have declared war upon the human race.


Good Luck,


Charles Bord


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Alan, I agree this is different for Andrew but they  still have horseback riding. LOL  Everything I have read of Andrew's has been very well written and keeps your interest and I have read everything Andrew has on here.


Ken, I don't see a problem with doing whatever it takes to get more writing from Andrew. I can't wait for anything he sends out but I do want a finish to The Chosen series.

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Hello Andrew,

.      Wow ! Thank you so much for the latest chapter of " Chosen " . I love where this story is going with all the boys meeting each other soon I hope . I can even see this as a TV mini- series on Sy-Fi channel , Please keep up the great work here,

.         Happy Holidays,

.                            Johnny C 

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