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Lincoln: The Family I Never Expected

Al Norris

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Of course, welcome to the family of writers at the Castle, Linden. Your story follows a very well trodden North American path so far, so I look forward to new and innovative twists in future chapters. Not being au fait with US laws, I often read stories stories about kids in your great country being fostered seemingly overnight after cursory oversight by the appropriate authorities. In Europe, Canada, or even lowly Kenya gaining foster parent  status takes time and a great deal of background checking.

On a simple rôle setting exercise, also, and to set the tenor of the story as to whether it is to be read as a "this really could happen, home town" type story or a total fantasy, it is not whether a guy can retire on $300 million at 30. These things do happen, and much more often than most people realize. No, the fantasy tipping point for me, a surgeon, came when the caring saviour in the story took a 11 year old, with blood on his head and face and hands, in obvious trauma away from an urban area where there might be a doctor, even a small hospital, and drove him 90 minutes in the back of a truck to his remote home and plonked in a bath!

With great respect, even allowing for narrative licence,this millionaire is setting a piss poor example in basic care.

I am looking forward to how he walks himself into some new voice in the  rich billionaire tech single man finds abandoned abused boy scenario. Or am I just a  cynic?

And so to chapter 2,...



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Hey Adam,


First thank you for the welcoming, I appreciate it! So you bring up a lot of good points, comments,  and questions, which unfortunately I can not answer or respond to without giving up spoilers of chapters to come. However, I am looking forward to more of your comments as more chapter get released. 




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