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Reports of the Weird & Accounts of the Strange Issue #3 - Those to be Forgiven

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To the points you've raised @D'Artagnon...  I know some questions have been lingering (intentionally) from previous issues relating to the Lion-Turtle and are now confused more by the arrival of the Wolf-Turtle but these will be answered in both vague open ended and firm 'that's the answer you're looking for' ways very very soon. Promise.

@Al Norris, maybes yes maybes no.  But as above; both firm and vague answers will be winging their way to you sooner rather than later.

The thing that you both mention that I had to double check though was the existence of Dragons! Going through both what I had written on my computer and what appeared on CR I was glad to see that I can say, without fear of it coming back to bite me on the arse, that you have both seemingly imagined a dragon turtle.  I had a little panic when I read your comments though as when I first started jotting down idea's for this whole thing some many yonks ago the Lion Turtle was indeed a Dragon Turtle.  Thankfully that term only exists in a notebook in a drawer by my bed.  So unless you've both been sneaking into my room while I sleep I can only put it down to a shared hallucination.

The two previous mentions were:


The first mention is in Issue #1 Ch. 3 where the Lion-Turtle image features on the surfboard behind the counter at John's shop.  Then again in that same issue when Kibu notices Doyler wearing a T-Shirt with that same image printed on it.

In Issue #2 Ch. 4 it appears when Toby notices it, again in John's shop and recognizes it as something to be afraid of, with John telling him "Then you know what it means... You know what I am?" eventually threatening him outright with: "You make a step in the wrong direction however… even the smallest steps out of line… and you’ll be spinning like they were in Ya’ Dich-Gho."


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A very surprising turn of events. Quaid got a boot load of money. That he is giving away to Mike. He got the perv busted and put out of action at the same time. As to who he has been talking to. i would have not thought it was who it is. You think you got one part figgered out and no I was wrong. I am still glided to this story enjoying every bit.

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We see Christiansand  open up about a lot of things. He even gave detail information about events, people and places. It did answer some questions we were wondering about. Then a number of new question taking their place in our minds. What is being shipped? How will Quaid and Packman stop them? Many things can happen. I guess we will have to come back to find out.

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