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Halloween 2017 Story Discussion

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We've had 5 entries this year.

We would ask that you read each story and then vote on it, before you read another story.

Voting will continue until Midnight (US Mountain time) the 30th of Oct. Winners will then be announced and the Top three will be included on the story site.

The last thing... Please, if you have comments on any of the stories, do so here.

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Sad that while the requests for stories was well posted with the biweekly emails, there's been no mention of the stories being available to read.  I had to check the forum to find out what was going on.   Nothing on the website main page either....     As of now I'm the 7th voter and not sure if I'm going to be able to finish all the stories.  

But THANK YOU to all the authors who have provided stories!!!!      

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We have our Winners!

Tied for first place are " The Naked and the Dead" by Bill W, and " Vengeance" by Ken Barber
And in third place, "
Halloween Hill" by Jeikor

Congratulations to everyone who helped to participate in this years contest!
The top three stories will be featured in a special update tomorrow on the
story site and the two remaining stories will be featured in March of 2018.

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