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Undersong: A Novella in 4 parts

Castle Herald

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There is something of the Celt in many of us, Brythonic in my case, so I thoroughly enjoyed your lowland Scots (or was it Highland?) in telling this story. The whole thing is well paced, and having been sent across the seas to a boarding school in England I know how thoroughly a grounding in Greek and Roman civilizations is given there..or at least used to be. You capture all of this: the time, the place, the innocence, the bewildering behaviour brought about by raging hormones - walking backwards naked in Scotland indeed!

You had me alternately in stitches, in a mood of nostalgia, and jealous of your literary prowess. Get the next episode on line, it can't come soon enough.





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Thank you @Jay, that really is crazy kind of you to say.  I hope the rest of it will go down as well.

And thank you too @Adam.  I'm really glad that the story struck a chord with you so far.  The liberal sprinkling of Scots is a mix of the Highland, Lowland and Hebridian dialects - choosing the word that either had the best meaning or the more lyrical quality.  By keeping Scots out of the dialogue and using it sparingly in the prose I'm hoping that it gives the story some sense of "other" rather than just being Scottish for the sake of being Scottish.  With the boys coming from three very different cities and the story taking place in the Highland's I thought that I could get away with a liberal sprinkling from across the land.  Alas the Greek and Roman histories aren't really taught here as they were and those schools that do tend toward the boarding schools no doubt similar to the one that you attended.  Any way,  I'm glad that you're enjoying the story and hope that you will continue to do so. :)

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