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Jeikor recommends Arthur


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I know most of the time we only make posts about a single story but it would take me too long. I first starting reading The Prince of House Vladd because someone mentioned it to me. They knew my story was about vampires and told me about this story. I checked it out and was hooked immediately. Not only did it have vampires and werewolves but werecats and Avian folk too. I am now waiting each week for posts of book II.

Then I read At Days End which was a delightful small series about life after a complete breakdown of out way of life. The boys in the story learn to work, play and fight together to survive and make themselves a place to live.

About this time Arthur started posting Drummer Boy, an historical story. I thought I wouldn't like it because I preferred fantasy and science fiction but everyone kept raving about it. So, finally, I needed something to read since I was caught up on the other stories I was following. HOOKED!! Thomas Marking, the drummer boy, is such an engaging character that you can't help but want to know more about him. Don't worry, his friend, Carmelo, is more than willing to tell all he knows. LOL

Arthur has also started a new story called Howudino and Kashin. It is another fantasy story with first chapter that jumps right into action and promises great things.

There are more stories that I haven't read yet but probably will because I haven't been disappointed by him yet. Try one today! 

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