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Castle Roland's 2nd Annual Halloween Short Story Contest

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Castle Roland's 2nd Annual Halloween Short Story Contest

Submission Guidelines:

Submission Deadline : 10/18/15

Stories should be edited and polished. They will be posted exactly as you send them.

Stories must contain a Halloween Theme. Embrace it and have a blast with it.

Stories should be more than  15,000 words and less than 45,000 words

Submissions must be sent to castlerolandpr@gmail.com.  Submission sent to any other email address with be returned as disqualified. This is to maintain the anonymity of the stories so it's a true blind vote.

Should you have any questions or concerns please email the PR staff at Castlerolandpr@gmail.com

All submission will be posted to a special members only forum on the Castle Roland Community Forum Site and will be posted without author name and title. They will be listed as a numbered submission for example

Halloween Story #1

Halloween Story #2

The Forum members will be asked to Judge the stories based on the following Criteria

1. Theme: Does the Story Reflect a Halloween theme

2. Content: Was the story gripping and Enjoyable

3. Character Development: Were you able to connect to the  main characters

4. Plot: Did the Author develop a strong plot within the restrictions of the of the contest.

5. Would you recommend this story to others

The votes will be totaled and averaged by the number of voters for each story

The three highest averaging stories will be posted to the Website on Halloween and the authors will receive a special award on the forums.




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I was waiting to see if anyone was going to post about the contest but I guess I will have to be first.

I am so looking forward to this. I have two ideas already and trying to decide which one to write. I thought about doing both but that depends on how much actual writing time I get. Don't want to be rushed this year. Plus I now also must keep writing for my current series started from last year's story.

I hope others are planning to enter; the more the merrier. Looking forward to reading the other entries too.

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Okay, here I go, I love these competitions and I love reading the stories and I have written small silly ones that not even I believe in. loll

Living in Australia I have never experienced Halloween except I see costumes in a shop and what I see in movies, so anything i write will be in my head and all I see is a heap of little kids running around collecting sweets. hahaha. When I get serious I do think deeply and that conjures up inner ghosts, ghosts you can't see or touch but touch you in your everyday life I wouldn't put the label Halloween on a story like this but I would call it eerie. Question…… would eerie be acceptable even if it doesn't mention the word halloween in the story at all, no kids no sweets. I guess I'm trying to define the word to suit a story thats going around in my head and driving me batty. Stay calm mates.



Oh, was just asking my house mate how he sees Halloween, he  said to Google it. ummptffff

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Erie is perfect. Halloween is a celebration of the supernatural. All the bogeymen our imaginations have ever created. One of the things we weird Americans like to do at Halloween is to tell ghost stories, We try to see who can tell the scariest story Its also a time when things like seances or Ouija boards are popular. Masquerade balls and costume parties are popular. We have haunted houses and haunted hay rides where the creators of the events try to imagine our worst nightmare and we willing walk into them and try not to pee our pants.  There is certain foods other than candy that we embrace as part of the tradition, like apple cider, spice cakes and my favorite Caramel apples.


It more than just the kids going from house to house begging for candy. Where I live in the US (The Northeast) its a celebration of the fall season. We have feasts and festivals and parties and parades. (Love my alliteration there.) My Family is big into the pumpkin carving and we have a whole day each year (Usually during the week before October 31st) where All my brothers and sisters and I, plus the nieces and nephews, and the grand kids, some aunts and uncles, and some cousins get together and carve pumpkins.


Those are a couple of my creations from last year.
Halloween is a time to embrace our nightmares and laugh at them. So just go with the flow and have fun with the stories. If ghost are what your mind is coming up with then ghosts are a big part f halloween run with it.


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So I have a question (and a scary comment...)

I would like to try my hand at writing for this contest, since I liked that last one so much. However, here's my scary comment...wait for it....it's coming....Ugh! I don't like Halloween. I don't celebrate it, we don't participate in Trick or Treat - my house is the one with the lights off and no one is home. I hate to be scared - I wouldn't be caught dead (or alive) in a haunted house, and the last "horror" movie I saw was Friday  the 13th (the original, way, way back in the day). No judgement if you do, but I don't. (I do like anything related to pumpkins, especially if they're made into a pie...grin.) However, I still want to write. So....here's my question - can I write something that is not necessarily scary or evil or zombie riddled or chock full of witches and warlocks and ghosts? I never saw a Harry Potter movie nor did I read the books, so I know nothing about spells and wizadry. Just not my thing. I could write a story that takes place at the time of Halloween and references some of the usual themes, I just don't know if I'm wasting my time as far as the judging bit goes. You know...if it ain't scary, you have no chance. Thoughts, criticisms, flames?


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