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[Special Note: The new website is now live. As a result the links throughout this thread are invalid except for the latest posting to the thread. All of Roland’s stories can now be found at Roland]

Part of the Revolutions Universe

Short Story presented at http://www.castleroland.net/library/author/roland

Edited by Zach Caldwell
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I'm with Jeikor on this one.  I hated to see Brett have to die.  It will just make it all the better when Ashwood finally gets his just rewards.  I really hope you guys are planning something really painful and nasty for him.  He certainly deserves it...and more.  It should make Mussolini's end look like a picnic!

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Pondering over this story I remembered that I had to read part of the end twice. First time I thought it said Mike jumped back when Kevin collapsed but I that didn't seem right based on his actions in other RU stories so I read it again. Seeing that it was actually he jumped forward presumedly to catch Kevin. Based on Mike's characterization in the other stories can we surmise that Kevin just gained a new dad? Maybe a little good could come out of the tragedy.

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is miike reynolds the finance manager of fredric triumph? do i remember this name right? or wasnt he mentioned in kyles part of the RU, geek squad? think there the guys name was mick, but dont remember his family name.

there only is pres elec bryce mentioned, no vice pres i think.


just also stumbled across this big loss and the feelings of this small just 12yo boy, kevin. how hard must it be to lose a brother, a sister or any other member of family who you are bond with. i know as i lost my mum it was very hard for us all. but to lose a brother must be even harder. who sacrifices himself to save me and many others with that.

i really hope asswood and attached people get their asses wiped really painful and long lasting and mercyless. already from geek squad i have a big wrath inside me about these big egoistic assholes. about the temple and the funpark, about the treatment of gay boys and girls and their use as sex slaves for evil rich men who arent better then than those who they arrested for being unclean and gay.

god, if he exists, might prevent our world from turning into this ever!

Darian Fey

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