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  1. See! I told you it was A monster! I broke it, oh yeaaaaa I broke it! Yessssss! 😈
  2. sorry, smaller is not the order of the day on Kandric, especially this upcoming, preposterously labeled 'chapter': get ready its a monster in and of itself.🐉
  3. There are things above a puny Legendary
  4. I actually cranked out 4 chapters, almost 5 over the last couple of weeks. Expect a character focus switch: not Robin centric Hoping to get one more out before I switch gears. but sometimes the gears in my head simply will not cooperate, so we shall have to see
  5. Kandric 33 is coming to the site on Christmas Eve 2021: For the sake of several trees, please don't try to print it out 😇😈😇
  6. More is on the way... just a smidge... like a coupe of normal sized books with a large + after 'normal sized' I will be curious to read comments about the various 'low powered' groups and what people think of them after reading it. Hopefully, some of those who don't see them as interesting will rethink things a bit after, but it remains to be seen if I am correct.
  7. for those interested... there will be new AQ shortly... very shortly... I will leave the when to the powers that be.
  8. Was wondering if you guys will ever be continuing the Revolution Universe stories!!!???

    1. Wizard


      Kyle is now making real books on amazon, getting new chapters for his stories is a very rare event unfortunately

  9. Hey, come on Castle Authors! Let get excited about this. It is a wide open disaster story! Do what you want, make up the details. The story possibilities are near endless and I am jumping in on this with both feet! (Already over 22,000 words!) lets get this part started!
  10. Why Roger... thank you! I soooo ood enjoy being called evil👹
  11. I am working at tweaking this some. it has not been dismissed nor has it been forgotton
  12. as I have said to several before. My mood has to be just right to work on AQ. it is just too 'fluffy' for me most of the time. However, there is a federal government. it is a powerful and mostly hidden entity that steps in when needed but other than to keep the peace and try to find ways to keep everything from colasping in on itself, it stays in power though technology and the use of the wormhole gate. it also runs the AQ program and the explorer corps. it keeps the population under some semblance of control by providing hope, but that is becoming harder which is the problem with keeping Zong basically uncolonized. as far as robin playing a part in benji and company, the only reason they are on the planet and there is hope of finding others is Robin. At least that is the way they see it
  13. muses have been missing for a couple of weeks, but they have been active enough to where there may be something in a different universe around the next corner or two....
  14. put those up in your yard and give me your address, then... yeah, whayt I would do not only the 'decorations', but the whole damned block would cause some to think a real party happened and others to thing of a natural disaster, but whatever why ones brain may look at the aftermath, it would be epic Cinder
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