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Another Nifty Refugee.


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I came here to become a better writer and to meet other writers that have something different to say.  

I only have a couple of fantasy fictions and one post apocolytic and two nonfurry,furrys. 

I have others but they may have to be tamed.

I don't believe in violence or cruelty but I do believe in sex.

I just submitted my first story to Castle Roland.

It is called The Parasite.

I hope it is accepted.

Thank you


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Welcome Larkin!

 Mark is correct there are a lot of good writers here and others like you who are trying to get better.

My first story (not counting two entries in writing contests) debuts this Thursday so good luck. May we soon be reading yours!

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Welcome. We are all here to improve and have some fun. We received your submission and forwarded it to the submission team They will get back to as quickly as they can. They have been pretty bus  lately

so don't get nervous if it takes a couple days.


Welcome to Castle Roland

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