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Princes of the Apocalypse (Chapter 1)


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Zerris grits his teeth as a crossbow bolt rips into his thigh.  He has to admit, that hurt quite a bit.  Typically, the druid doesn't allow animals to get this close to him.  Still, if it's a battle they want, then it's a battle they'll get.


Before Zozo's astonished eyes, Zerris rushes to his feet, and immediately begins to shift into animal form.  Zerris is a blur as he charges directly into the bandits menacing Orsik, intending to swipe at them with his claws and rip them to chunks with his teeth.


Bonus Action: Combat Wild Shape into a black bear.


STR +4, DEX +0, CON +3, INT +2, WIS +3, CHA -1

Move: Charge into melee and start attacking Bandit 3.  If he dies, move on to Bandit 4.


Action: Multi-Attack

Bite: 7 to-hit, 8 damage on hit.  Likely a miss.  

Claws: 14 to-hit. 11 damage on hit.

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Whoa!  What was that?  You can change into a bear?  Wow, how did you do that?  I can only ch--- I mean, I can only do that with my clothes!  Say, did you have to find and kill a bear to do that?  I sure would like to do it, you know.  Just change into an animal and experience the freedom of the wild?  Go Zerris go!  Oh yeah, you still want some more?  Oh, I have something with your name right here!


With a bonus action, Zozo transfers his DEX hex to his next target, Bandit 6.  He repeats his Eldritch Blast/Hex combo.


Eldritch Blast: To hit - 15.  Damage - 5.  Hex damage: 5.  Total 10 damage to Bandit 6.


Jeikor, here is my best estimate for currently-injured bandits.  B3 through B8 are easier to hit due to Faerie Fire.

Bandits in Melee: B1 (10), B2 (5), B3 (17, dead?), B4 (0)

Ranged Bandits, Side A: B5 (26), B6 (10), B7 (0), B8 (0)

Ranged Bandits, Side B: B9 (0), B10 (0), B11 (12), B12 (16)

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Bandit 11: Attack, Zerris, 17 VS AC.  Transfer damage from previous hit so it's applied against your bear form instead of your natural HP, to correct the fact that you should have been missed (cover) in previous round.

Zerris: Attack, Bandit 3, 11 damage, kill.

Zozo: Eldricht Blass, Bandit 6, 10 damage

Bandit 8: Attack, Orsik, 21 vs AC, hit.  7 damage.  Concentration save 7; failed.

Bandit 4: Attack, Zerris, 20 vs AC, hit.  6 damage.  Concentration save 12; success

Ignaciden: Fire Bolt, 15 vs AC, hit.  3 damage to bandit 1.

Bandit 2: Attack, Myles, 8 vs AC, miss

Bandit 9: Attack, Zozo, 15 vs AC, miss (+2 cover bonus)

Bandit 7: Attack, Ignaciden 18 vs AC, hit.  5 damage.

Myles:  Attack, 21 vs AC, Bandit 2.  Hit.  4 damage.

Orsik: Attack, killing bandit.  Self-heal 6 points.

Bandit 10: Attack, 5 vs AC, miss.

Bandit 6: Attack, 7 vs AC, miss


Zerris's transformation into a bear drew every eye as he charged in, brutally slaying a bandit with his claws, disregarding the arrow that dug into his rear haunch in retaliation.  The distraction proved fatal for another bandit, as Zozo was able to peg him with an Eldritch blast when his attention shifted.


Ignaciden managed to catch another bandit with a firebolt, but his careful aim took it's toll when he failed to duck an incoming arrow.  Myles, meanwhile, managed to open the side of another bandit with a well placed stroke.


Orsik once again lashed out, smashing a bandit with his warhammer even as he invoked the power of his god for healing.  Unfortunately, in the distraction an arrow came in and sliced open his forehead, distracting him from the shield spell he was trying to maintain.

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The big brown bear bites the badly bleeding bandit to make him bleed more blood!


Note: Faerie Fire is still operative on Bandits 4, 6, 7, and 8.


BROWN BEAR.  HP 20, AC 11, Speed 40.


Targeting Bandit 4.  If Bite attack kills him, use move to continue on to Bandit 8.  If moving trigger OAs, retarget to closest melee target with preference to Bandit 1, attack roll of 13.


Bite: 20 to hit, 8 damage.
Claws: 24 to hit, 11 damage.
If target is not bathed in Faerie Fire, Claws: 13 to hit, 11 damage.

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Wow, you guys.  I can't believe you suck so bad at life.  I mean, come on, one hit and that's it?  Weak!   Nyah nyah, you missed me.  Again!!!


Assuming Bandit 6 was killed, since you used "distraction proved fatal" in your description.  If this is not the case, he is still the target, and is now most definitely dead with 37 damage.


Bonus action to transfer DEX hex to Bandit 7.  Eldritch Blast his face.


Eldritch Blast: To hit: 24 - critical hit! 11+10 = 21 damage
Hex: 4+2 = 6 damage
Total 27 damage.

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Ignaciden is pissed after getting hit by an arrow. Targeting bandit 7 he releases Magic Missile sending all three at the same man (unless he dies before all are used then target bandit nearest 7).


Myles continues to attack bandit 2 with longsword.

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Bandit 11:

Attack, Ignaciden, 11 vs AC, miss.

Zerris: Attack Bandit 4; 8 damage, 11 damage, kill.

Zozo: EK Bandit 7, 27 damage, kill.

Bandit 8: Attack, 12 vs ac, miss.

Ignaciden: Magic Missile, Insta-Gib bandit 8

Bandit 2: Attack, Myles, 16 vs ac, miss.

Bandit 9: Attack, Orsik, 18 vs ac, miss.

Myles: Attack, Crit, Damage 5 + damage 7, total = 15, kill bandit 2

Orsik: Cure Wounds, 9

Bandit 10: Attack, Zerris, 20 vs ac, hit.  2 damage.


Zerris rends another bandit, sending arms and legs flying off, while Myles stabs another straight through the heart.  Orsik takes advantage of the small breather to call up a stronger, more powerful healing spell.


Ignaciden sends a barrage of glowing magical missiles that manage to catch one bandit in the face, snapping his neck instantly, while Zozo sends off another ray of force that obliterates his target.

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Zerris the brown bear rears reflexively in pain; although the bolt didn't penetrate deep beneath his thick fur, the druid's concentration on Faerie Fire finally breaks; not that it mattered, since everyone illuminated by the spell is lying dead on the ground. With a terrifying growl, the bear charges the man who shot him! The man twists out of his jaws, but the bear's gigantic claws are an entirely different story.

I don't see any further mention of Bandit 1; I didn't see any text about his death, but since he hasn't acted for a while, I'm assuming he's dead so Zerris can charge without triggering an OA.

BROWN BEAR HP 18. AC 11, Speed 40.

Bite Bandit 10. To-hit 8, likely miss (8 damage on hit).

Claws vs Bandit 10. Critical hit! 11+5= 16 damage.

Note: Zerris will try to incapacitate, but not kill outright this target. Of course, you don't really need all four limbs and ten fingers to live, heh heh...

Almost yawning, as if getting bored by the lopsided battle, the young warlock lazily transfers his hex to the fellow who shot at him earlier, before pointing a finger at him, and loosing another sickly-green blast of eldritch energy at him.

Bonus Action: DEX hex transfer to Bandit 9. Ventilate him with Eldritch Blast.

Eldritch Blast. To-hit 7, likely miss (11+4=15 damage if it hits).


That was a warning shot. Drop your weapons and surrender, or the next one takes your head off!

Intimidation Roll: 20 (21 with advantage).

Given the fact that Zozo killed three other men with eldritch blast, he might get advantage on this roll. I'm assuming having Zerris very close to the target will only help increase the intimidation effect.

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At Zozo's words Ignaciden finally wears something besides a scowl on his face when he lets a small smile slip on. As he points in the bandits direction to backup Zozo he thinks, 'I might actually end up liking the little twerp.'


Myles laughs outright at the boy's audacity. He pulls his shield over in front of him keeping his sword at the ready to see how the bandits reply.

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As the bear charges in, one of the bandits lets off a single arrow that sails harmlessly into the distance.  Without the distraction of a fresh wound, the Zerris manages to rear up and bring his paw down on his target without interference.  The man didn't even have time to scream as the paw flattened him into a gooey red paste.


Between the threat of eldricht magic flashing overhead, and the massive bulk of the bear, the other two bandits surrender instantly.


"Don't hurt us!" one of them begs.  "We're just trying to survive!"

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Good choice.  Now, stand still, and don't move or else the bear will have you for lunch!  Now, where did I put those... I know I have some.. ah, there it is.  Now, be a good man and step into these manacles, *clank*  There ya go!  Say, anyone else got some restraints for our prisoners?


Take out manacles and use them on the man Zozo threatened.


Zerris the bear lets out a snort, and starts rooting through the corpses for any clues of who these bandits are.


Loot the dead.  Passive Investigation: 19.

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"You really don't want to do this," one of the bandits protests as you approach with the manacles.  "It's a really bad idea.  Just walk away now and everything's even.  We tried to ambush you, you saw through the ambush too quickly and kicked our asses."

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"Well, we know something you don't know," the bandit says confidently, eyes firmly on the horizon.  It's at this point that Zerris turns his head sideways, and notices a slight plume of dust off to the east.  Craning his head, he sees two more plumes, one to the west and another behind you, to the south.  The bandit has his eyes firmly fixed on the plume to the south.

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What are you looking at.... oh. Well now, that changes things. I find mysteries rather tiresome, and it seems pretty clear you're not going to be very cooperative. Oh well, you had your chance.

Zozo fires off Eldritch Blast after Eldritch Blast until he falls.

Blast #1: 15 to hit, 8 damage.

Blast #2: 12 to hit, 13 damage.

The warlock then turns to the remaining bandit, a smirk on his face.


So... do you want to mouth off or clam up? Or will you tell us what we need to know.

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The bandits, having expected an opportunity to talk their way out of fighting, fall to the surprise attack.


Zerris determines that the plumes are the result of many people moving quickly over the dry plains.  Each plume is probably the trail of at least five men on horseback, or at least ten on foot.

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After he realizes what is happening, Zerris quickly shifts back to his human druid form.

"Reinforcements!" he roared, "Coming in from the East, West, and South!". He swoops up the bandit leader's corpse for later examination, and quickly deposits it in the wagon. "Hurry! We have to make a run for it - there's too many of them!" he urges the rest of the party.


Zozo buries himself under the corpse for use as a meat shield, and gives the thumbs-up.

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Myles quickly gets ready to go knowing they can't take three groups right after this one.


Ignaciden hesitates just a second still itching to burn things or bandits or anything but finally realizes they are right about their chances. He doesn't have all that many spells left.

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