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Boy Scouts executive committee ending ban on gay leaders

Zach Caldwell

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A welcome change.  But, I'd imagine with the number of troops that are affiliated with religious institutions, there won't be a huge difference when it comes to some scout troops.  It's just unfortunate when some people will never get the chance to participate since many areas can't support more than one troop.  If it happens to be at some conservative christian or Mormon supported troop, I doubt they'll care what the National organization says as long as they can continue to enforce scouting the way they want.

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Steve T. 

Yes there are a lot of troops that are affiliated with religious organizations, but not all religious organizations are against the change.  There are also a lot that are sponsored by non religious organizations.  My troop is that way.  So yes it is not all the way there, but it is a start.  When Gates said the ban in this day and age was unsusutainable he was correct.  More and more people are starting to see that.  So we can only hope that it will continue.  When the youth ban was lifted I knew the adult ban was going to follow.  To some its not enough, to others its too much.  But that is the way with many things.  Its got to start somewhere so this is it for the issue.

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