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I've spent some time with the Clan Short Universe and finally decided to start exploring over here.  I know that the Revolutions Universe branched from the CSU, but even in just that one universe there are multiple authors and stories.  Presumably I'd start with Roland's, but I'm not even sure of that.  Is there a story guide somewhere to provide a suggested reading order?


Are there such guides for other universes?

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It hasn't happened yet but Roland's is a good place to start. Ken Barber's and Eric Aune's are fairly in sync with Roland's then there is the collaboration of the three called And Justice For All.

Kyle Aaron's can be read with or after the other three and so can Joe Writerman's.

Al Norris's stories were written after And Justice for All but I don't know how they stand in the timeline; I just started reading one of them recently.


Welcome to the Castle!

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Hey Wyatt!


First off, welcome to the Castle, may your stay here be as insane as you wish it to be.  LOL


next, as far as the RU goes, i would suggest reading Revolutions, then New Beginnings, Footprints, Geek Squad, DEL, Changing Connections, then the rest.  It should be clear when you need to move to the other stories, since you will see the other characters show up.  We are working on a reading list, but, unfortunately, we are real short on RU staff members at the moment, so don't have anyone that can really do it. 


Thanks for reading the RU, and i really hope you enjoy it.

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Wyatt, Welcome to Castle Roland. Hope we dont drive you too crazy

As far as the RU universe. I would recommend


Definitely Start with Revolutions

Then New Beginnings Book one

Then Either Changing Connections up to Chapter 14

or Dawns Early Light up to Chapter 10

then And Justice for all

Then you can finish in any order. 

Geek Squad





We're not Gonna Take it

Scouts Own

or you can continue with

New Beginings Book two or return to 

Changing Connections 

or Dawns Early Light


Thats the basic order I read them in except for Dawns early light which i was writing while reading them

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I have finally read most of the currently available RU stories.  I pretty much followed Ken's list immediately above.  (Thanks, Ken!)  I have yet to read Centenial, Family Values, nor the short stories Hugh, Officer Rail, and Run! .  In addition to Ken's list of links, I usually access stories via the RU Index Page.

What I had not realized was that the stories would be a mixture of genres, not all science fiction.  There are also military fiction, action, adventure, and young adult stories.  (To be honest, the entire RU might be classified as young adult, but some of the stories focus on adult conflict and have limited youth interaction.)

Two of the science fiction stories which did not make it to Ken's list are Footprints and Time Quake.  I bring these up separately because their events occur early within the RU timeline and expand on events covered by other authors.  You might want to read these before And Justice for All.  Even though they are by two different authors, the story lines eventually overlap significantly.  You might want to read the first 5 chapters of Footprints, then the 7 available (as of this writing) chapters of Time Quake, then back to 6-8 of Footprints

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