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With the Wings of a Dancer.

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With the grace of a deer

in an elegant prance.

He sways and leaps in

a passionate dance.



From afar as I watch

him dance in the sun.

My heart skips a beat

for this beautiful one.



Every step that he takes,

every leap in the air

Is like a note in a song

So precious and fair.



With grace and flair

he dances my way.

Like an angel in white

on a early spring day.


I twist and I turn

to keep out of sight.

So I can keep watching

his wonderful flight.



Like an angel he dances

he spins all around.

So high in the sky

to never touch down.


I can't seem to take

my eyes off his dance.

Its like I'm sitting here

lost in a trance.

And then out of nowhere

his eyes turn to me.

Then fear grabs a holds

and I just want to flee.



But something deep down

just tells me to stay,

The look in his eyes

says don't run away.



He swings and he turns

till he's here by my side.

With nowhere to go

I can't run and hide.



With a sweet gentle smile

he holds out his hand.

And called out my name

and told me to stand.



He whispered to me

from so high above.

He told me a tale.

He told me of love.



So here we ride

this magic carousel.

Forever and ever.

So caught in the spell.

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