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And the Winners are...

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At Noon eastern time, the website went live with the Three Winners of the contest.


The Winners are (in scoring order):


1. For Love Over Country by Kyle Aarons
2. The Light in the Window by Jack Schaeffer & Mark C.
3. The Legend of Calico Jack by Cynus


The runners-up were (in alphabetical order by title):


Along The Mohawk by Eric Aune

Fog of War by Ken Barber
The Rock and the Gift of God by Jeikor

How we scored the contest:


The scoring could have gone one of two ways. 1)by total score or 2)by taking the average scores. Because there were more votes in some stories than others, taking the average score for each story was the most fair result.


So the first group of stories, above, are the 1sy, 2nd and 3rd place winners with everyone else as runners-up (the second group).


We hope all of our authors enjoyed this little exercise and that you, our readers enjoyed reading them.


Please use this thread to post any comments to the Authors or about the stories.

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I want to thank all of the other authors who took time to write their stories. I found this to be especially challenging and seeing the work the other authors put into this, I get the feeling they did as well. The fact all of my fellow authors rose to this challenge is a mark of their greatness. Thanks to all.

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As a side note on my story: most people will never bother to dig, but if you are at all interested... I think doing some digging could prove to be quite interesting. The ships, dates and battles fought are all real as are the named captains for the proper ships. I made 'For Love or Country'  as close to historical fiction as I could given the time I had to do the research.


At some point I want to continue this story to it's conclusion since I had it worked out all the way to 1793 but simply ran out of words by the time I got to the capture of the Vestale. 30,000 words just happened way too fast!


I would be curious to see how many would want to see the second chapter of 'For Love Over Country'.

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This was a great challenge but once I did my research and decided which event to write around the story almost wrote itself. Just not enough time for me with my schedule to write as much as I really wanted.


Kyle, I would love to see another chapter of your story.


Thanks to all the other writers; everyone did a fantastic job!


Can't wait for the next contest but in the meantime I am a fourth of the way through the last chapter necessary to submit a story to the Castle. 

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First of all, thanks to Alan for all his work on the contest! We all owe him a big thank you! Kyle, congrats on a fantastic story taking home the gold and yes, I would love to read more. I hope we all can convince you to write on! One of the best parts for Jack and I, was doing the research for the story. As far as we know, the story is historically accurate in its details. This chapter of the the story is over but we have discussed maybe in the future, another chapter...

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Thanks to all authors for your stories I tried to guess who wrote what and of the top 3 I got 1.5 right

Kyle yes to part 2

I guessed on all of them and I got all three of the winners correct from knowing their styles of writing. I missed the other two; of course I knew which one I wrote.

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I would also like to add that on my story, the names of the Oneida along with General Herkimer were actual people who took part in the Battle of Oriskany.  The women's names were of those who were related to those who fought in the battle.  Of the Iroquois League nations, the Oneida for the most part, fought on the side of the Colonists.  Nearly all the rest fought for the British.  Because of this there was  a Civil War among the Iroquois League for a time.

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This was a tough one for me, but it was enjoyable. I've never written in that period before, and I was also late to the party and had to rush my research, so I'm sure there was plenty I got wrong. :) But it was fun, and I can't wait for the next one. If that's the Halloween one, great. If something comes up before then I'll write for that, too. Thanks for giving me a chance to participate, and I am pleased to be in the company of such gifted writers. Well done, everyone.

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I so thoroughly enjoyed this challenge, and especially working with Mark, that I want to do it again soon. Mark is right, the research and learning aspect of this contest was eye opening and I found myself "enlightened" as we studied the Age of Enlightenment. What I was struck most by was the six completely different story themes and timelines. It made it so interesting to discover other aspects of the 1700s, especially for me the French perspectives. I loved every story and read them all the first day they were posted. And Kyle's story was far and away the best in my opinion - I even scored it higher than my own! Yes, I want more. I would want more from any of these stories. 


So...when's the next contest? I won't do a Halloween one, since I personally don't celebrate the day in any way, but maybe a Christmas one?????

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Okay, if everyone else is telling the factual parts of their story I will too.


  • France actually was strapped for money due to helping in the American Revolution.
  • Jacques Necker really was the Minister of Finance and was dismissed by the King two days before the Storming of the Bastille and it was an unpopular move.
  • Their actually was a food shortage at the time.
  • Marquis de Launay was the commander of the Bastille and was taken by the people and murdered.
  • There was an actual rumor of the King's Army coming to attack.


Whew!! Didn't realize how much I had included until I listed it.

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