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PLEASE READ FIRST. Age of Enlightenment story contest. PLEASE READ FIRST.

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The Age of Enlightenment story contest was created and planned for a couple of purposes. 

First to challenge the authors in a couple ways. 1 Write a good story with preset restrictions and guides. 2. Write in a Time period they may not be completely familiar with.

The Contest also is planned for the benefit of the Forum members. Members have the exclusive right to choose the winners through a grading system.


Here is how the grading system works.

Each member reads all the stories and votes.

for questions 1-4 and 6 the point system works as follows.

1=1 point

2=2 points

3=3 points

4=4 points

5=5 points


question 5 

yes = 3  points

no = 0 points.


Members if you plan to vote please read all the stories and vote for each one. The authors names have been removed so its a blind vote. 

We encourage feedback and discussion in the thread below the story.


Voting ends at midnight on June 28th.



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A little help here...what questions? Exactly what are people being scored against? I'm confused.....

1. Theme: Did the Story reflect the culture of the 18th Century?

2. Character development: Did the Author develop believable characters you could connect with?

3. Engaging. Did the story keep you engaged through to the end?

4. Plot: Was the plot fully developed within the word count restriction of the contest?

5. Technical Merit: Was it easy to follow the plot line?

6. Was this story enjoyable - Would you recommend this story to others?

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Okay. Thanks. I'm just wondering if the authors might have benefited by knowing what "was on the test", so to speak, before hand. Kind of like, if you know what you're being judged on, you might pay more attention to certain aspects of the story. These seem fairly straightforward, though. I like the idea that voters will be able to "nuance" their votes a little. Good idea.

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Keep in mind everyone, Every time we do something like this we are testing it, we learn as we go.  Love the feed back and will take it into account. Our first contest was a straight vote for your favorite contest. The feed back we got from that was something more like this so we are trying this and will see how it goes if it works the next time I will definitely try to create the judging criteria first and give that to the authors.

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well, I must say there has been quite an effort put into this by all. I spent a huge portion of my afternoon reading the other stories and must say I am impressed. This is a huge well done to the rest of the authors and a thanks for making my Friday afternoon enjoyable.

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