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The General Staff has a request to everyone,


Please, as you go through the stories, if you see any errors, weird characters, broken links, or apparently lost chapters; note the author and chapter and copy the sentence and make a post to this thread.  The staff will then go in and correct it.  


And then tell the Alvin, Theo and Simon "Enough Already!"


Thank you,



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Missing text in 

Ascension of the Thrones

by Thomas Nearly


All A.I. dialogs from chapters 2,3,4,5 and 9 are missing.

In chapters 6,7,8 they are in between <...>


Example from beginning chapter 9:

....After the drugs took effect he swung his legs over the bed and tried to stand.

Celestia said.

Callin ignored her and tried to stand any way,...

There is non trace of what Celestia said


It is a great story so far even with missing parts

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