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Its Just a Dog - Mo Pitney

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Anyone who is a dog lover should love and appreciate this song by Mo Pitney. Listening to this song reminded me of my best friend Mudge who I grew up with and I miss him so much. It remind me of my current best friend Odo. I also find it interesting that Mudge and Odo, could passed for twins. :)



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Some background here.  When Benji moved down to be with me, he left his dog, Gee Bee behind with his parents.  I've asked him a few times what Gee Bee means, and the best we could figure it probably means Good Boy.  Benji traveled from Iowa to Florida to be with me.  He tried not to bond with my parents dogs, Maxie and Babee.  We lost them both in rather quick succession.  Dogs get old.  They get weak and frail.  Sometimes it is a simple act of kindness to put them down, although never an easy decision.


Benji wasn't terribly close to those two mangy beasts that used to follow my Dad around.  They stayed by Dad's chair when he entered the hospital, and never came home.  They searched for Dad, not understanding.  Benji understood.


At some point during that first year when Ben came to live with me, Gee Bee got out of his parents house and yard.   Things happen.


So a part of Benji's childhood escaped while he was making his life so far from things he had known, the people he loved, that dog who was sometimes his only companion and most understanding friend.


I've buried four dogs in my life.  I understand.  It is a beautiful and haunting song.  But I still understand how someone can hate it.  Dont take it personally, feelings are subjective and we all have subjects we'd rather not talk about sometimes.  Sadness haunts us all in different ways.  Sometimes it's hard to live with the ghosts when you don't know the whole story of how they became ghosts. 


Thank you Zach.  you've pulled up some tough memories with this song, but some fond ones as well.  And we should always remember the good with the bad.  Dogs know this.  Why else would they put up with such a flawed, crazy species as us for their companions.  We all have so much to learn.

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