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The Community Charter

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Castle Roland - when you say the name, you can visualize a mystical imposing fortress sitting atop a seaside cliff. The only approach is across a narrow causeway. Archers are on the battlements, mounted knights are preparing to charge the sieging army. Defendable, impregnable, unapproachable.


Let us dispel that vision. Castle Roland is a strong and powerful fortress, but one built on dreams and imagination; where the gates are always open and all are welcome. The drawbridge never raises and none are ever turned away.


"There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds." ― G.K. Chesterton


As a member of the Castle Roland Community, we have certain rights, as well as certain responsibilities. A Community is only ever as good as it's members and it requires us to work together to make the community be as good as it can be. We have created the 'Castle Roland Community Charter' for this purpose. This is meant to give members a basic introduction to what they can expect, as well as what responsibilities they have.


In every Community there are different roles that people play. Keep in mind, this is just a general list, and is dynamic and will grow as the community does.


Administrators:  Are responsible for the over layout and condition of the community. Think of them as the town council, they create the rules, events and general layout, as well as provide the needed support to everyone else.


Moderators: A moderator plays a vital role in establishing the pace and tone of a forum and guiding its conduct. The duties of moderators include facilitating introduction of participants in a forum, encouraging robust discussion of the forum’s agenda, maintaining order throughout the proceedings, ensuring that the interactions remain within the identified theme and for online forums. It includes editing, moving and even deleting postings. They also enforce the rules, there role is similar to Public Works, and Small town Police Department.


Authors: These are the people that write the stories hosted by the community. They work hard to create something that is entertaining to the readers. Because each member has unique likes on story and style, the stories offered cover a wide variety. Very similar to business owners and entrepreneurs in any town.


Readers: This is the single largest group.  These are the town residents, the citizens of our community. All of the other groups, are also readers. This group, has the most responsibility . While It's fine if people just want to come, read, and never say a word, but in order for the community to grow, in order for more authors to join us and the current authors to learn and grow, the readers need to participate in the community. The readers need to guide the Administrators in what they like and dislike about the community, offer suggestions and improvements. The Moderators use the participation to help develop conversations. And the Readers need to welcome new members to the community with open arms.


So welcome to The Castle Roland Community.

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