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Zach Caldwell

Zach Caldwell

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Hello I am Zach, your local Chief Moderator for the forums. I am also a part of the RU Editing staff and assist authors in various projects. The entire staff works together with the authors to help bring you, our members, the best and outstanding stories in the universe. We hope to see you in our various forums sharing your thoughts and feedback with the staff and most importantly with the authors.


I have a background in forum moderation as well as writing. I bring this along with various other skill sets to the RU to assist both the Authors, Staff and members. I very much look forward to getting to know each of you.


I am 39 years old and I currently live in Tennessee. I enjoy reading, writing, hiking, playing STO and spending time with family and friends. I have a Chihuahua named Odo. LOL Yes, Odo, as in the shape shifter security officer from star trek deep space nine. It is a very fitting name too. It seems my little buddy has a tendency to  shift colors on me. When he takes a notion he will climb up in my lap and then onto my desk and curl up between me and the keyboard. Awww, sweet, I know.


I have a genetic eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa. As a result i only have about 4 degrees of vision remaining. Thankfully I can see what is directly in front of me. I also have a severe hearing loss. Both hearing and vision puts me in what is called Usher syndrome. To look at me, one would not know that i am almost blind. RP progresses so slowly that I adapt before I even know  there is a change. I welcome any questions that those of you might have about RP or US.


I mention my physical challenges so that any member who also has visual issues know that we have staff members with vision issues and as a result we strive to make our site and forum vision friendly for those with poor vision.

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Your physical challange is a handicap ONLY if you allow it to be so. I have known people who have lost both their hands and legs and, still they go on. Not because they have to, but, because THEY WANT TO! I saw my own Father become bedridden with crippling arthritis, yet he remained a full time farmer! How did he do it, he worked at it! By sheer force of will, he continued to farm 300 acres of fruit and grapes, even though he was not able to leave his bed. Human beings, of all the life upon our poor little planet, are the most amazingly adaptable life form ever! Sheer will and want to is an irresistable force that can overcome almost any obstacle, one way or another. That you are carrying on tells us all that YOU have that force of will power. It does not matter how slow we walk, what is important is that we walk at all!


Charles Bird


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I never did like the word handicap, as it is used towards those with physical challenges. A challenge is something that you have to work a little harder at and reach a bit further than others. Where as handicap implies that something cannot be done. That is just plain bull pucky. We can do anything anyone else can. We just might have to go about it in a different way or make use of specialized tools.


One is only handicapped if he or she does not put his or her best effort forward and adapt and move on, rather than moan and bitch about what they cannot do anymore. Though that is not speaking to those who have just incurred a disability as there is a grieving process one must go through first. But to those who have had the disability for some time and still bemoan their loss and inability to do anything anymore.


Seabird, I was not sure of your post, it gave the impression, that you thought or perceived that I have not coped with my challenges. If that was an impression you got, I am sorry that I was not more clear. Just letting people know, who have visual issues, that as a member of the staff, I am one of their advocates with regards to this forum and making sure it is something that is user friendly.

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I enjoy reading, writing, hiking, playing STO and spending time with family and friends.


So nice to know that i am not the only Trekkie here, I never saw all the series, but i like what i see, currently they are rerunning the Star trek whit captain archer here.

I also have 5 chars on the sto, 1 Klingon, 1 Gorm, 1 Romulan, 1 Human and 1 Vulcan. 

I Play in a American fleet call The Promethean Alliance on the Federation side, and Sekhmet's Legion on the Klingon side.

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The series with Captain Archer is Star Trek Enterprise. Sad that it was cancelled after only 4 seasons, which ironically is one year more than Star Trek with Captain Kirk otherwise referred to as TOS.


Let's see I have:

Vice Admiral Zach Caldwell, Liberated Borg Human, Science Officer (Main Toon) (FED)

Vice Admiral MacGyver, Human, Engineering Officer (FED)

Vice Admiral J'Dan Romulan, Tactical Officer (Allied with FED)

Vice Admiral M'Zakk, Catian, Tactical Officer (FED)

Vice Admiral Ikar, Ferengi, Tactical Officer (FED)

Lt. General Krek, Klingon, Tactical Officer (Klingon)


I am the Commanding Officer of the SSOF (Starfleet Strategic Operations Force)

Krek is the Head of House Krek which is the sister fleet to the SSOF on the Klingon side.

There is also the SSOF Security Division.


The SSOF is the main fleet, the other two are sub fleets which are not overly active and are there in the event of future growth in membership. Plus they serve as reserve bank space.

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My main toon is an Vulcan Vice Admiral Cory Short (Yes its is based on him) He is an Tactical Officer and have the rank of Commander on the Fleet its like a Junior Officer.

My main on Klingon side is General K'TEMOC and is one of the fleet Councilors, Sekhmet's Legion is the fleet sister of the The Promethean Alliance.

Me and 3 others are the council that runs it.



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