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Lets Play: Princes of the Apocalypse (D&D 5E Adventure)


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Oooh 500 gold. Can I use some of that cash to train in a tool, language, or a skill, as per PHB 187? :)

By the way, the guide has great points, although it is unfortunate it hasn't been updated for Elemental Evil. For example, without a bard I would rate Frostbite as essential. I recommend you also consult this:


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Oooh 500 gold. Can I use some of that cash to train in a tool, language, or a skill, as per PHB 187? :)


That would require 250 downtime days, which you don't actually have.  Plus you'd need to pay lifestyle expenses on TOP of the 250 gold pieces, so I doubt you could afford it.

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Additional note...  I'd appreciate it if you guys (OK, if Zerg) would build up a list of magic items (say four uncommons, two rares and a very rare per character) you'd like to see.  No promises that they will show, just a way to give me a starting point when I decide to hand them out.  Weapons and armor with generic +x stats are assumed to be on the list.  You are not limited to the DMG's list of magic items, you can ask something you make up -- but I reserve the right to decide that it needs to go up (or down) in rarity.  E. G. you might want 'gloves of elven dexterity' that set your dex to 19, similar to the gauntlets of ogre power or headband of intellect that set their relevant stats (str and int) to 19.  I reserve the right to move an item from category to category as needed.  For example, the Amulet of Health, while highly similar to the other items I just mentioned, is a rare because constitution is a much more valuable stat in many ways.


E. G. my bard might like:


Uncommons: Periapt of Wound Closure, Goggles of the Night, Gloves of Thievery, Cloak of Elvenkind

Rares:  Figurine of Wonderous Power (Serpentine Owl), Ring of Spell Storing
Very Rare: Belt of Giant Strength


You'll note that my uncommons aren't focused on combat ability.  They're focused on secondary boosts that I think fit my character, or in the case of the periapt making him a bit less of a drain on our healing resources outside of combat.  I tried to follow the same concept at rare, but with the increase in power a combat-oriented shift was difficult to avoid.  Still, there's nothing saying the extra spell has to be combat-related.  At the Very Rare level it's difficult to maintain a non-combat oriented focus, but rather than increasing my charisma (as would be expected with a bard), I chose an item that increases my strength instead.  This isn't central to my role, but still ties (very neatly) into my character concept.  It's a non-obvious boost, which is what this list is about.  Not 'obviously I want...' but 'I know my class might not normally be interested in...'


This reference may be of use.  Please note that this is not an excuse to create a dump stat and then recover it by using an item.  If it looks like you built a character around getting a given item, you probably won't get it.


I probably will not make a decision and post it until I finish and turn in my story for the competition.


Any kind of date or deadline on that?

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The contest ends a couple of days from now.


I'm not in favor of items that give 19 to one stat and then rely on it (e.g. Belt of Giant Strength) because if you build a character based on that and he loses it, you're basically screwed.




For my Warlock

Four Uncommon: Broom of Flying, Periapt of Health, Stone of Good Luck (attunement), Weapon of Warning (attunement)

Two Rare: Mantle of Spell Resistance (attunement), Ring of Protection (attunement)

One Very Rare: Rod of the Pact Keeper +3 (attunement)


For my Druid

Four Uncommon: Eyes of the Eagle (attunement), Pearl of Power (attunement), Sentinel Shield, Stone of Good Luck (attunement)

Two Rare: Heward's Handy Haversack, Staff of the Woodlands (attunement)

One Very Rare: Tome of Understanding

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I'm not in favor of items that give 19 to one stat and then rely on it (e.g. Belt of Giant Strength) because if you build a character based on that and he loses it, you're basically screwed.


True, but it can be awesome to get a boost to a stat that might otherwise be a dump.  E. G. the headband of intellect is a great, thematic item for a knowledge cleric...  Even if my wizard did want it.  (Organized play)




I'm also shocked you didn't ask for a deck of many things... :D

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Also, thoughts for Jeikor's Characters:


Strength Paladin (I am presuming he eventually gets himself a noble steed)

Uncommon: Adamantine Armor, Cloak of Protection (attune), Saddle of the Cavalier, Sentinel Shield

Rare: Amulet of Health (attune), Mace of Smiting

Very Rare: Horseshoes of a Zephyr


Pyromaniac Sorcerer

Uncommon: Boots of Elvenkind, Decanter of Endless Water, Hat of Disguise (attune), Stone of Good Luck (attune) 

Rare: Bracers of Defense (attune), Wand of the War Mage +2 (attune)

Very Rare: Ring of Regeneration

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Myles, the Paladin, is easy.

Great Weapon fighting style

Oath of the Ancients

Spells:  Bless

            Cure Wounds

            Divine Favor

            Wrathful Smite

At least for day 1.



Ignaciden, the Sorcerer, is going to require more study and thought.

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Here are my choices for Zozo (Warlock Sorcerer):

Level 2 invocations: Agonizing Blast (add CHA mod to Eldritch Blast), Mask of Many Faces (at-will Disguise Self)

Level 3 Pact Boon: Pact of the Tome (cantrips: Guidance, Minor Illusion, Sacred Flame)

Known Spells (4): Armor of Agathys, Arms of Hadar, Hex, Phantasmal Force

HP: Average.  8 + 5 + 5 + 2*3 = 24.


Here are my choices for Zerris Gorba (Druid):

Level 2 Druid Circle: Circle of the Moon

Prepared Spells (6): Entangle, Faerie Fire, Goodberry, Ice Knife, Pass Without Trace, Spike Growth

HP: Average.  8 + 5 + 5 + 2*3 = 24.

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Healer lets you use healing kits to heal people, but honestly when you already have lay on hands that doesn't make much sense to me -- I'd strongly recommend skipping it.  Weapon master is literally useless to you as you're already proficient with all weapons.  It'd be better to take something like Heavy Armor Mastery instead to get the same +1 strength plus a useful bonus.  Eliminating those, your options are:


Great Weapon Master gives you an extra attack as a bonus action when you score a critical hit or if you drop an enemy with your attack.  You can also trade off -5 to hit for +10 damage.  Quite potent.


Martial Adept gives you two combat maneuvers and a single D6 to fuel them.  This is actually a fairly useful ability, but it will increase the domain knowledge you'll need.  I'd recommend skipping this while you're trying to learn the mechanics, but it is an option.  You'd need to pick out the two maneuvers you want to use.


War Caster gives you three advantages.  You gain advantage on concentration checks to maintain spells, the ability to cast a spell as a reaction when an enemy walks away, and the ability to perform somatic components of spells even with weapons/shields in your hands.  The last two abilities are of limited to nonexistent use for a paladin, as you have no offensive spells and your holy symbol is flexible enough to cast off a shield or by just holding a two-handed weapon in just one hand.  The first ability is therefore the only one of use.  Someone crunched the math, and advantage is roughly equivalent to a +5 bonus.  If you want to maintain concentration, this is a decent choice -- but Resilient (Con) will give you +1 con, which will let you add your proficiency to your saving throws.  Given the relative infrequency that a paladin will want to maintain concentration, the permanent benefits of additional constitution may make more sense.  You could transfer 2 points out of dexterity to gain an additional 1 con, then add this to bring you up to 16 con.  (Alternatively, just roll with 15 con until you can get an odd stat boost from another feat like Durable or Athlete.

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Here are additional feats the Paladin might like:

  1. Alert: +5 to initiative; can't be surprised
  2. Charger: You can dash towards an enemy (move double-speed) and attack them or shove them 10 feet away
  3. Durable: +1 CON, hit dice recovery set to minimum of double your CON modifier
  4. Inspiring Leader: Can spend 10 minutes giving 6 friendly creatures temporary HP equal to your level plus CHA mod
  5. Lucky: Can reroll 3 d20s per day
  6. Mage Slayer: A creature within 5 feet of you that casts a spell can trigger an opportunity attack from you.
  7. Mounted Combatant: Very good if you plan to fight on a horse

If you can't decide on a feat, you could always go with a Half-Orc, a Hill Dwarf, or a Goliath paladin, instead of a variant human. 

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That can be part of my druid's cover mission, who's an agent for the Emerald Enclave.


I'm trying to think of the best organization for my warlock, but am coming up empty.  He's not a rogue (Zhentarim) and he's not a selfless sort of dude (Harpers).  He's got absolutely no ties to nature (Emerald Enclave).

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