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Readers Choice of The Month

ken barber

Readers Choice July  

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  1. 1. Readers Choice for the Month of July

    • "Can You Spare a Quarter" by Tiger Paw
    • "Dawns Early Light" by Ken Barber
    • "Never Give Up" by Maxwell Dowling
    • "My Secret Identity" by Ryan Bartlett

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So here is the Readers Choice list so far. 


Feb "Tears of the Dragon Boy" By Ricky

March "The Wish" By Gee Whillickers

April "Educating Max" By D'Artagnon

May "Unexpected Reactions" By Rilbur

June "To Serve My Country" By David Spowart


Up till now the Readers Choice selection for the month has been selected by the Castle Roland PR Team from the submissions made by you the members in the Readers Choice forum. 


For July we want the Forum Members to make the decision. Make your selection below.


If you would like to nominate a story for the Readers Choice of the Month start a new thread and tell us why you like the story so much.

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Okay, have to say this.  My vote for the upcoming readers choice was very difficult, for a number of reasons.  First, the freakin' AC in my apartment is out and here in Florida it's only three shades cooler than a nude beach on the sun.  But seriously, my choice for Ryan Bartlett's story "My Secret Identity" wasn't easy.  First of all, I like all four stories and I hope they all make the list.  If I could vote for more than one, I would. 


Despite how very good of a friend Ken is, I had to withhold my vote for his "Dawns Early Light" because it's not done yet, and I want people to see the whole of that story, just like I am waiting to see the whole of that story (hint-hint, Ken, before I get the whip out).  And I don't say that lightly, because I'm not the biggest fan of RU stories.  But there is something about the way he writes that makes you think, and I want people to get the full effect of that story, not simply get into it like with other works on our site, and then be stuck in waiting mode.  Dawns Early Light deserves the full attention of the reader.  It brings up issues like the duty of our armed services people (which is highly under rated and we should all be ashamed for that), the truth of what a patriot is in our modern world, shows how common folk stick together for what is right despite the pressures of politics gone mad and people accepting the will of insane leaders even when they see the insanity playing out before them (it has happened before, it should not be allowed to happen again), And Ken's story moves right to a single point.  What does it mean to be an American?  What are the values we hold dear?  And how do we protect those values, even from people within our own government who seek to deceive us to attain power for themselves? 


When it is done, I will lobby for it to be readers choice for months if I have to.  Besides, hot guys in uniform doing adventurous stuff, defending their country at not only the citizen level, the humanitarian level, but striving for our ideals... what is not to like there?!


Tigerpaw's very moving story about abuse, recovery, finding spirituality and love as well as learning to be whole after suffering so very much made me cry.  There, I admit it, tough guy that I am, I cried reading parts of that story.  Some of it touched closely to some things in my own life, people I've known who have been through similar experiences, times when I might have been one bad decision one way or another into similar circumstances (strings of bad choices can make things worse, got to know when to get away from bad people).  It was one of those stories that touches your heart, makes you angry, swells your compassion and just plain makes you want to hug the hurt away from someone in pain. 


So saying, I could not push this one for the readers choice this time either.  I understand that Tigerpaw is undertaking a re-write.  And while the former English teacher in me is grinning and grabbing the red pen (yeah, I know, I got some typos of my own to fix), I wonder if the content of the story is going to change any.  Are we going to see more depth of the relationship with Graham and Jamie? Is there more to the abuse situations involved (no spoilers)?  Is there some sort of after story?  We don't know, and speculating on plot points here would ruin the story for those who have not already read this amazing journey in words.  So while I recommend this story with no reservations, I want to see the ultimate form and give it the glory it deserves.


Which brings me to Never Give Up.  I can honestly say that I have not read this story yet.  However, I've talked about it with other readers and writers here.  The consensus that I get is that it is a very well written, deeply emotional and moving story, with solid characterizations and despite the horrors of abuse that start it off, there is inspiration and hope.  I have this on my "damn it, make some time to read this" list.  Which since coming to write at this site has grown several dozen times.  So Max, until I get my eyes over it, I'm sorry dude.  But, I am definitely wanting to dig in here. 


Yes, Ken, I know, I still have about forty chapters of my own to get done,  Sheesh, slave driver much?


As many of you know, my characters tend to be younger.  Not little tiny kids who tend to get exploited, that's not how I write.  I put together stories about teens entering that wild, crazy, unpredictable time of life between middle school and high school graduation, and then I make their lives infinitely more complicated by making them young heroes in a world of growing, snarling, ravaging horror.  The adult world is crazy enough for kids to learn to integrate with, and here I go throwing supernatural evil, murder mysteries, ancient clan wars and historical vignettes into things.  Yeah, and cliffhangers.  I got them on sale, buy one get four free!


Enter into this, Ryan's story "My Secret Identity," a missing child with a twist story.  I instantly loved it.  The characterizations of the boys was spot on.  The descriptions of settings left me with goosebumps at times and Ryan has a good sense of how to write action sequences, which is not as easy as it sounds.  There were very unexpected twists and the story is left open with the hint that there may be more adventures of the boys in the future.  For which a few people at our story site, myself included, are eagerly anticipating (Ryan - Hint, Hint).


Okay, so maybe I like MSI because it is a kid story.  Maybe I like it's comic book feel and the way that the characters have things to deal with ordinary kids don't.  Maybe it's that I have often thought the Space Needle was an awesome spot for a superhero battle (at least it should be!)  And yes, I write in a similar style to Ryan, so perhaps there is a bias.  I can honestly say, I think this is a good choice for the Reader's Choice for July.  Heck, it would be an excellent selection for any month.  So would all of these stories.  The caliber of writing here makes any such choice very difficult.  It's like choosing between chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  Or strawberry, uhhmmm, strawberry!


Alright, I've pontificated enough.  I want to hear what you guys have to say.  Am I right, am I wrong?  Am I just plain nuts?  How did you vote for this upcoming month's Reader's Choice, and why?


What?!  You Haven't VOTED YET?!  Well get to it!  Only 20 days left!  Don't let my loud barking be the only voice heard!  Shake up the juice and let's see what shakes loose!

Peace my brothers, See ya on the other side.


Robby aka D'Artagnon

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Ok So first I voted for "Never Give Up" I have been addicted to this story for a long time. It speaks to me, it starts with almost stereotypical character and as they meld into one world they develop complexities that astound me and mimic real life. The Story is very well written and I have loved it for a long time.


Second Robby thank you so much for you kind praise of "Dawn's Early Light" (Even though you didn't vote for it.(insert middle finger Emoji here). Seriously thank you that was very kind of you. Unfortunately its one of the stories that the end is a long way away. The one major draw back to writing in a universe is the timing of the postings. With I think there are 5 active stories in the universe right now and each stories timeline has to be checked and rechecked against the overall universe timeline and the individual story timelines. That said the rewards for writing in a universe far outweigh that one drawback. The things I have learned from the other writers, editors, readers and administrators is astounding and will only help me in the long run. It also challenges you to right in ways you never have before. My typical story is very modern and not science fiction. The levels of SCI-FI that I have had to deal with has caused my head to spin a couple of times.  There have been many times I have said in our conversation's things like. "What The BEEP." Or one of my Favorites "Did some just say UFO For real someone just #$%&ing] said UFO" Or "What the #*#@ a ferret are you $%*#ing Kidding me, your joking right. 

But anyway I digress. The story currently has 2 more chapters  in the editors hands and then an unknown number of chapters that are being put together in another really cool special sub series.  But over all as long as the Revolutions Universe is still thriving the story will not end.


I did not vote for "My Secret Identity" for one simple reason its very new to the site and while an astounding story that I love I thought it better to hold my vote on that until later.


I did not vote for "Can you spare me a Quarter" for the reason that this story is so emotional that it was overwhelming to me. It took me a lot longer to read as I had to keep putting it down to catch my breath and keep from being swallowed up by the emotion that it pulled from me.


So there is my rambling and Robby don't worry that you didn't vote for mine if your was eligible I would not have voted for it so there :smiley-taunt010:  

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To meet your statement in the same token of appreciation it was given Ken, I say unto you "nanny nanny boo boo" and so forth. :smiley-taunt010:
Love ya buddy.


I am really surprised and happy with the amount of responses we have pulled for this month's selection.  21 votes so far and all of them keeping very competitive with each other.  Just goes to show how strong the level of writing and skill and talent of our authors at our site truly is.  The bar is set high.  And I hope all of our members do check out as many of our writers and their varied stories here.  It is a labor of love that our authors present such stories.  A brief word of kindness for any writer you find here and whose work you appreciate means so much to them.  Jump all over the story discussion section if you don't feel comfortable sending an e-mail, or use our PM system at the top right of the forum.


Again, thanks to the writers, and thanks to all those who have voted.


And if you haven't voted yet, what are you waiting for?  Personal Invitation to all: check 'em out.  Make your voice heard.  Even if you want to put forth a story not yet mentioned for the reader's choice honor, do so.  We want to know, and keeping it to yourself is just selfish!  Share!  Enjoy!  Make your choice the next choice!

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