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Hello its me


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I'm new at this so forgive if I screw it up but here it does. Hi, I'm Shayn i'm from New Jersey but I live in Florida now. Since I was a kid I have been an avid reader. It started out with a love of comic book and went on to Sci fi. You know Robert Heinlein, Edger Rice Burroughs and many others. Star wars and Star trek to Alan Dean Foster. I love horror, Sci fi and romance but my all time favorite has to be fantasy. When I was a teen one of my roommates grandfather was a Conan the Barbarian writer, Robert E. Howard

My one ambition in life was to actually writer something. I tried my times with no success, then I got my first computer and my writing took off like a bat out of hell. So far I've finished 2 books, not published and I'm working on numbers 3 and 4. I guess I'm here to see what others think of my writing. I guess that means I'll have to put something on here once I figure out how its done. So anyway, just saying hello from a new member and writer.

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Hey Shayn. I hope that you'll enjoy our attempts at Sci fi. Please have a look around and see if you find any stories that interest you. Be aware that some of the stories on this site are part of a bigger 'universe' so to fully enjoy them you may have to read other stories in that same universe to get the overall story arch. Of course, there are other stories that are just regular independent stories. So find something you like and enjoy.


Once you've gotten to know us, and if you feel that your style of writing would fit in here, feel free to submit something to the admins. (I can say that because I'm not an admin, so I feel comfortable volunteering their services)


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come back here to the forums and someone will be able to help you. (I thought about volunteering the admins again, but it could actually be anyone)


I hope you enjoy your stay!

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Welcome Shayn!  Always looking for new writers as well as readers here.  I think you'll find this site a friendly place with a wide variety of genres and storytelling styles.  Definitely explore, ask questions and see if things here are a good fit.  I hope to see what story ideas you have.



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Welcome to the Family. I think you will find everyone here very accommodating and encouraging. If not let us know and we will sick the moderators on them. Thats a scary bunch, ( I am kidding)

If you would like the castle to host your stories check on the rules here  

Then email a sample to castlerolandpr@gmail.com one of the PR team will get the right admins to take a look for you. (Volunteering the Admins for things is a favorite past time here)


I hope you enjoy Castle Roland and don't ever hesitate to ask questions

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Hi Shayne! Welcome to our little home, here on the web!!


I'm the guy that puts the stories out on the website, twice a week. I'm also one of the editors for the Revolutions Universe, and an author of 2 new stories in that Universe.


I've got your submission, and I will be contacting you, via email shortly, after I've had a chance to read the chapter.


All the best,


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