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My Secret Identity- by Ryan Bartlett


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I have read this entire story on another site and I am glad to see it come to Castle Roland. It is a very interesting take on superheroes and how they get their powers. I highly recommend you try out this story. It ranks right up there with Kyle Aaron's Defenders and D'Artagnon's stories for inventiveness. :D  


:welcome (1):  to Ryan Bartlett. Hope to see more from him.

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There are stories that grab your attention for being solid and pure when it comes to the characters.  When they speak to you, right where it counts.  I'm only three chapters deep in this story and I have to say, there is something totally compelling about Bobby and Spencer.  Their friendship is clean and pure despite their evolving feelings for each other.  They come across as not just kids with their heads on right, but with their hearts in the right places.  Spencer's reaction when he last saw Bobby at age 10 really struck me.  No matter what age you are, there are moments when you feel that conflict, when your concern for your friend makes you feel so... just out of touch, just out of your depth, uncertain.  I'm sure he kicked himself for months when Bobby went missing. 


I love these kind of stories, where the kids are treated as real folks, their concerns and reactions and all that are as true to life as anything and they aren't talked down to, like second hand characters in their own lives.  It's clear that while Ryan is writing this story, he's pretty much just telling us what the kids themselves say, think and do.  Top marks!   I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.  Thank you for bringing this story to us here, Ryan. 

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