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Relay for Life season


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Benji and I just got back from our local Relay for Life event.  For those that do not know, Relay is a walk-a-thon style fund raiser that typically has all sorts of minor carnival type things going on.  Balloons, volley ball nets, area vendors setting up food booths and donating time and funds, Pipe and Drum brigades, live bands, and the solemn reminder of all those who have fallen to cancer.  It's a great event, and me and the Kat both got to take whacks at a dinged up car with sledge hammers (it is such a stress reliever to be able to beat the crap out of something with a 16 pound hunk of unforgiving steel).


The event usually ends with the Luminaria, a ring of glowing bags around the track.  Each bag has a candle inside, and is inscribed with the name of someone who has left us while fighting cancer.  It is a sad, solemn moment, but one filled with hope that one day, we wont need to have such events.


I have lost two in my time on this world to cancer.  One who I cherished who was as close as I'll likely ever see to being a son, and one I thought I knew but only understood after he was gone, that being my Dad.  I know we're funded by donations here, but I ask that you look to your own families, your own friends.  If there's something small you can do to help the Relay folks, or any of the many, worthy cancer charities out there, please do.  You never know when it might be you or one of your own that may need the cure we all hope for. 


May that cure come soon.  Stay Purple, Stay Strong, Fight to the End.


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Ken, We had a massive storm sweep through here yesterday.  Had no power for about 8 hours, so I missed when you made your post above.  When I did see it, I was very grateful, and overwhelmed.  Thank you.  I'm sure if Sammy were here, he'd tackle-hug you until your voice jumps two octaves. 

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