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Zach Caldwell

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Thank you Zach!


For those of you who follow the Revolutions Universe, one thing to keep in mind.  We currently have roughly 30 chapters in the pipe, but we are so short staffed that we really can't move them quickly.  Some of the authors are spending their time editing, rather than writing.  The area we need the most help right now on the Continuity edit team.  It's the most important job in the edit process, and right now, there is only one person who is able to do it. 


If you think you can spare a bit of time, we would love to hear from you!


Thanks again everyone!

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Hey all!


I know you hate hearing it, and i hate to sound like i am bugging, but we haven't gotten any responses to the help wanted yet. 


I know we are asking for a lot, but if there is anyone out there that feels they have the time and ability to help, it would be much appreciated. 


We've increased the number of RU chapters that are in the edit process now, and are currently looking into October before we think we can get them posted with the staff we have. 


As i said, if you think you can help, please, we could really use it.  just follow the link in the first post, and send us an email if there is anything listed you think you would like to do.


Thanks again. 

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I haven't read a whole lot of the stories from the Revolutions universe as of yet, so a "continuity editor" wouldn't be a good start for me.  However if it won't bug the authors too much, I wouldn't mind re-edting a few of the stories that I have read.  I would just do it, but I don't want to get anyone mad at me.  As I said in my reply for content editors, I am more of a proofreader than an actual editor, but that is also one of the larger aspects of editing is; finding and fixing spelling and grammatical errors.  


My only issue with it is that I don't always have internet access while I'm OAA.  Other times, like today and tomorrow, I really don't have much going on as my next delivery isn't until Wednesday evening.  It gets pretty boring sitting in a truck stop for 2 days.  

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