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Let's Play: Hoard of the Dragon Queen (A D&D 5e Adventure) SIGNUP


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One square in the grid represents 5 feet of space.  Morganor is at least 8 squares of movement away (40 feet) from Klarg, and even further from the goblins.  Morganor's speed is only 25 (5 squares), so he will need his entire turn to dash over to the goblins... if that's what you want to do :)

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I forgot to update the map, but Orc #2 is dead.  So if Perrin splashes the area with Sleep, it's going to be just the goblins.


I have created a 4x4 circle for use in Sleep.  Please reposition as needed.  The 90 feet range of the spell should be good for the entire map. 

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Erwin would not have chased that far after the wolf.  If the wolf moved towards the party, he would have relied on Garanth to deal with it and focused on providing Morganor some in-close support.


If he can yank a javelin for use from the half-ogre, he'd do that and then move to support Morganor by engaging a goblin.


Also, Arjan has been trying to close for purpose of using his breath attack.

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Arjan can close in if he eats an opportunity attack (with disadvantage from Frostbite) from the wolf.  


Also, I'll allow Erwin to target the goblin instead, but at a disadvantage because all goblins are currently in retreat (and using Nimble Escape to disengage).


You've changed the map on me!


That said, Nimble Escape to disengage lets them break engagement without attack, I don't think it lets you get disadvantage...

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Yes, you have all gained a level!


What does level 2 mean?  Unless someone wants to multiclass, here's what you do:

  1. All of you get a health increase, equal to rolling your hit die plus your CON modifier!  I give you all the option of taking the average plus 0.5, or gamble it on a roll!
  2. Both Erwin and Garanth are Fighters.  Fighters are easy - you get an Action Surge every rest (long or short).  You can activate that to give yourself an additional action during combat.  That can be an attack or a move action.  You do have to make an important choice on what kind of fighter you want to be, for level 3: a Champion, a Battlemaster, or an Eldritch Knight.
  3. Arjan now gets access to two sorcery points.  At the moment, the only thing he can do with these is to spend them to create additional spell slots.  Arjan also gets an additional 1st level spell slot, and an additional spell known.  
  4. Perrin now has access to his Song of Rest feature, which restores an additional 1d6 HP as long as you spend hit dice during a rest.  Additionally, he becomes a Jack of All Trades, and adds half his proficiency bonus to all untrained skills including initiative.  Just like Arjan, Perrin gets an additional 1st level spell slot, and an additional spell known.  There is an important choice coming up for level 3: be a Lore Bard, or a Valor Bard.
  5. Morganor gets access to his Channel Divinity (recharges every long or short rest), which can do one of two things: Turn Undead (an extremely powerful AoE fear spell against undead), or Radiance of the Dawn (an AoE burst that doesn't hurt allies and can inflict as much as 20 damage).  You get an additional prepared spell, and an additional 1st level spell slot.

Jeikor, don't forget Morganor has the Warding Flare ability.  If Morganor is attacked by an enemy within 30 feet that he can see, he can, as a reaction, impose disadvantage on that attack, and potentially turn a hit into a miss.  This feature can be used up to your wisdom modifier (3x) per day, and recharges on a long rest.  Your battle options are now:

  1. Garanth: Attack, Second Wind (bonus action), Action Surge (a free additional action).  Both second wind and action surge recharge on a short or long rest.
  2. Morganor: Attack, Cast 3 level 1 spells and unlimited cantrips (most spells usually take an action, except Healing Word which is a bonus action), Turn Undead (action), Radiance of the Dawn (action), Warding Flare (reaction).  TU and RotD recharge on a short or long rest, while Warding Flare and Spellcasting recharge on a long rest.
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Meant to post to this sooner, got distracted.


Given that we've already got a sorcerer, a bard, and a cleric, we don't really need another spellcaster.  I'm going to go ahead and roll Erwin as a straightforward Fighter/EK.  And I am so not going to risk rolling my HP die.  After all, if I'd done that...  (rolls a die) I would have gotten a 9.  Dangit.  (I could have gotten a 1 instead, which would have sucked).  Erwin is now a level 2 fighter, gaining action surge and 8 more hitpoints (for a total of 20).


Arjan is now a level 2 sorcerer, with another spell slot, 2 sorcery points, 15 maximum HP, and Chromatic Orb.  (Hopefully we get the GP to get the reagent sometime soon... :D )


Perrin is now level 2 bard, with another spell slot, song of rest, 18 maximum HP, jack of all trades, and heroism.


Finally, Perrin has yet to actually get any advantage out of true strike, and I honestly don't remember why I originally took it.  Bards don't get attack roll spells.  Can I retrain it to minor illusion?

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It is my opinion that true strike is a complete waste of time. Cantrip change approved.


Actually, it can be useful.


When I get disintegrate, you betcha I'm using true strike before each and every casting!  (Averages out to +5 to attack roll according to someone who did the math, but...)


The issue is bards don't have many (any?) attack roll spells.

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Garanth will remain a fighter. I'll just take the average on hp so let me know what that is, please. I will go ahead and tell you Garanth is taking Champion at 3rd level.



Morganor will continue as a cleric and take the average hp. Could use suggestions as to the extra prepared spell.

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