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Let's Play: Hoard of the Dragon Queen (A D&D 5e Adventure) SIGNUP


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Sleep will be affecting just the acolyte, who will most likely be awakened in time for Round 2 :(


Also, you pretty much have a good idea who the guards will target...


And as a result, they'll probably wind up taking opportunity attacks from Erwin.  Yay AoO!

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Yes Morganor needs to roll one for sure. I don't know about Garanth. I will need to check back through the Episode because I've lost track.


Okay, I went through and checked. Garanth wasn't even scratched but Morganor might need both rolls; he was down to 6 hp.

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To clarify, Morganor is at full health but has zero hit dice left. If you like, since I totally forgot about Song of Rest (Rilbur didn't say the bard was singing, yeah, that's my excuse hehehe) you can keep one hit die in reserve and not heal to full.

And yeah, this means Erwin still has his healing potion.

By the way, song of Rest has been somewhat nerfed by the errata in which it only triggers when hit dice is spent. Doesn't affect anything here, but just for future reference.

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