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Forever 2 - Changes

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While transferring the files to the new site, Forever caught my eye. In my off time, I started to read it. Then Forever 2 - Changes, and hit chapter 29! Ack!! And Skyped Allen that I hoped another chapter was coming soon. And then he told me he had just received Ch 30 and it was going up. Total Happy Dance.

Now as I did the QC check on the stories, I think it best that I thank Jack Schaeffer for his stories and gently beg for more. Please?


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Okay, finally caught up (ch.31). Which of course has to end with a heckuva cliff-hanger. <Sigh.> Since I just started reading this weekend, none of the previous cliff-hangers affected me -- the next chapter was already there.

Which leads me to the speculation bucket. The old security guy, Spencer -- Ben had sized him up, and concluded he was someone he respected. So Ben was either wrong, or Jack is completely misreading him. Could Spencer be the one skulking outside the room? Possibly, but even if he were it does not mean he had evil intent. Maybe he was checking on the security of his guests. Does he have a bad attitude toward gays?  That is what Jack suspects, but Jack still has a tendency to think that about everyone new.

The security guy has some years on him, and Amanda and Philip had visited the island. Perhaps Spencer's glances relate to how Jack looks like Amanda, and there is some sort of backstory involving Amanda and Spencer.

On another topic, I'm not sure if the issue with Ben quitting has been resolved. I know he stated at the staff meeting that he was staying, but I don't remember any follow-up discussion on the point with Jack or Sam.

Jack doesn't seem inclined to keep up with old ties. Does his Mom even know he is not in Chicago any more? If Jack had not been invited to Fred's wedding, I don't think there had been any conversations with Jack's friends in Chicago. Also, the story did not show that Jack and Sam had kept up with JP's progress at the Betty Ford Center. Jack knew enough, though, to include JP in the surprise visit of Sam's friends. So there had to have been some level of communication not mentioned in the story.

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First, I'm glad you enjoyed the story so far. There is much, much more story to tell, and I'm working on the next chapter a little every day. As for your speculations regarding the mystery intruder, the next chapter MIGHT reveal all. I'm not sure. I know who it is, and I have an inkling as to why this person was opening the door, but I'm not sure how it will play out or when it will be resolved.

As for Jack's extended family, there's a backstory there that I fleshed out a little more when I published the first half of Forever I - Beginnings as "Awakening Forever". You can buy that book on Amazon. It makes Jack's relationship - or lack of one - clearer. When Jack and Sam move to St. Louis, Jack's extended family will play a bigger role in the saga.

One thing to keep in mind is this story, as long as it is already, has only covered four months time on the calendar. I forget that part myself.It's taken me over three years to write this much, so it gets a little wonky in my thinking, too.

Ben will NOT be quitting. His role will likely become less chauffer, but he'll be around. Still not sure about his role in St. Louis. That's got me stumped at the moment.

As for JP, I didn't mention it explicitly but in my mind Jack has had Todd keeping tabs on the clinic and what all is happening there. JP will reveal some secrets in the next chapter or the one after that related to his stint in the clinic, so stay tuned for those.

Thanks again for reading and commenting. I appreciate it. Have a good one.


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Hi everyone

I was following the adventures of Jack and Sam form chapter 1 to the last one.

To be honest, i read them at Nifty. 
Now the Nifty- link doesn´t work anymore and here on Castle Roland are the chapters vanished.
Can someone tell me what happend?
I hope the autor is well?
Plz let me know what´s going on!


Mr. Schaeffers homepage is also missing?


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I talked to the author tuesday Jan 19th 2021 and he had all files of Forever removed from nifty and the castle because he wanted to step back from writing for awhile. He had alot of change happen in his life in the last 2 years from losing his job and not being able to find his dream job to selling his home and moving closer to his grand babies. He hopes to rework Forever and bring it back at a later date. Lets hope he will.

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The email that he sent on Dec 11 2020 he talked about closing loops and bursting bubbles and how he had to many things going on in his head and he needed to close down somethings and step out of his comfert bubbles to move on in his life. He now lives 15 mins from his grand kids and sees the when he can. In the Dec4 email he talked about having to find a new emailmanager and website host because of censorship. Not sure what happened there

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On 4/13/2015 at 1:50 PM, Jack Schaeffer said:



Glad you liked it. This book will have more drama and intrigue, as well as the romance between Jack and Sam. New characters coming as well. It will be interesting to see Jack come into his own and start to lead his team. 


Thanks for reading...and posting. Always appreciated.

It is extremely frustrating when a good author, such as 'Jack Schaeffer' suddenly, and with no apparent reason, drops off the radar. 

Stops writing, posting or responding to readers, fans, discussion groups, forums (or in my case) editors.

Bad authors are 'A dime a dozen', but really good authors are hard to find and not just a shame to lose, but a loss to a greater community world-wide.

Having had some limited correspondence with 'Jack' between 2015 and 2019, I knew he was struggling with real world work and it's effect on him and this family. And in 2019, it appeared he found long-term employment.

There was originally chapters after 94 (Fred and Allison's wedding) but they top have vanished.

I for one, hope 'Jack' has not fallen victim to Covid-19 or others illness, and pray we have not lost Jack.

If Jack reads this, I hope he gets in touch. If his 'family' found out about his nom de plume and put an end to his writing... 

If anyone else out there has 2021 updates, or access to original chapters after #94, and perhaps Book 2, please let me know.

As an editor, I have always urged writers to do there things when they're working on what they anticipate to be 'sagas', or multi-volume stories:

1. Make a draft (plot) outline for chapters so that if necessary someone (authorized) can complete their work. (Think Ian Fleming, Agatha Christie etc);

2. If unable to write, dictate or audio record rest of story do it can be transcribed / completed;

3. Find someone you can trust to ensure your legacy.

These three 'guidelines' are important, especially to writers / authors in the LGBTQ2+ genres.

Tony Bell


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I agree. His Prairie Fires story was very good also .But he removed it complety from the internet . I recieved a email from him in Jan 2021 and that was the last time . He had a new job a new house and was living close to his grandkids .you can go to jackschaeffer.com and read forever there . I miss him and Sam&Jack 

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I emailed Jack this weekend 3 04 2022 to see how he was and if he made it through covid and he replied that he is fine . He said his life and work was just about back on track and he was thinking about his writing . But he did not have a time line of when he might actually try . I hope he can get back in the groove and add to Jack and Sams story this year . 

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