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Forever 2 - Changes

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[Special Note: The new website is now live. As a result the links throughout this thread are invalid except for the latest posting to the thread. All of Jack Schaeffer stories can now be found at Jack Schaeffer]

Chapter 1 presented by http://www.castleroland.net/library/author/jack_schaeffer

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This last one was a biggie. But I never, ever plan them. To be honest, I remember writing this scene, with Jack and Sam discussing the concept of family, and in my mind's eye, I see Todd come flying out of the office into the elevator lobby. I waited until I "heard" in my head what it was he was going to say (I had nothing planned) and I just typed it out. I then looked at the screen and said out loud to myself, "Damn, I hope he makes it. I didn't see that coming." I was just as shocked as everyone else is. You'll have to read the next chapter to see if he survives...grin.

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I know you said chapter 9 was going to be Intense but WOW I went from looking over a cliff to hitting my head on the ceiling in one chapter

You did give me a scare towards the end of this chapter I thought the story was ending glad you have more to say

Great Read thanks



So glad you liked it! It was a challenging chapter to write. So many expectations of what was going to happen to Turner and the guys. Not to give anything away to someone who may read this before actually reading the chapter, but the ending was NOT planned! Jack took matters into his own hands - that was all his doing. I had long anticipated the same result, but by way of Turner doing the deed himself, as a way to guilt Andrew. But as so often happens now with this story, the characters write their own version of events and I become their dutiful scribe.  Next chapter underway. Stay tuned.

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I'm really enjoying this one!  Forever 1 was excellent and set up a lot about the relationship between Jack and Sam.  You mentioned in a reply earlier that this one was darker.  You weren't kidding!  This one is full of action and suspense.  Nice job.


Glad to see that Turner has been taken care of.  I read an article recently that said that CEOs (or wanna-be CEOs) have one of the highest incidences of sociopathy in this country.  I think Arnold "fucking" Turner fit that exactly.


What in the hell was Jack thinking going out into the woods alone to find Sam?  :huh:   Who did he think he was, Daniel Boone?  Glad that Sam found him.  Let's hope they make it through the night and make it back safely.



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