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GayAuthors site failing according to one author's opinion...


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Frankly, that's an issue a lot of sites have.  Its one of the reasons I push, hard, not simply for 'freedom of expression' but to keep whatever is put up on the site up -- even if it pushes the edges.  I don't always win that argument, but if you let someone sweep something under the rug, it suddenly becomes much easier to sweep anything under the rug -- even something that shouldn't be.

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Well see, i am of two minds about this topic, so let me explain.  Also, this is a good place for people to give their opinions, because, like it or not, Castle Roland will be, and has been at odds with some authors, and some have left the Castle.  it happens, no matter how good of a site you try to run.  now to the two sides of my opinion.


On one hand you have the people that say, this is our home, and we have a right to know what happened to one of our favorite authors.  And to a point, i feel you do.  You also have the people, like RIlbur who think full transparency is the way to go, and in a perfect world, it would be.  but then we have the other side of the coin....


Does everyone in the family have the right to know about a personal issue between the Admin and an author.  in my opinion, no they do not.  personally all that i see happening with that is other people throwing their opinions in, and things could quickly get out of hand.  not to mention, with us very rarely deleting anything on the Forum, those discussions would be something that get brought up time and again.  I know it is harsh to say this, but this is not a democracy here.  lol.  I am the LORD for a reason :P  (That by the way is a joke for all those people who like to say they just let me THINK i am in charge)..  But seriously....  airing personal issues on something like the Forum is something that i do not believe is proper.  it goes back to the old adage... praise in public, reprimand in private. 


Now of course, the situation that started this thread is not like what i just spoke about, but i felt it needed to be addressed.  As far as GA goes, well those of you that know me, know of my opinion of GA. those that don't, don't.  I do not think it is proper to say bad things about other sites in a public place, since of course, like it or not, i am the name behind the entire site, so if i say something, it reflects on everyone on the staff.  So i will just say this.  At Castle Roland, people are welcome to disagree with me.  often.  lol.. i have always said, i do not know everything, and i never will, which is why i surround myself with some of the greatest people i could, and have them advise me.  we do not always agree, but we respect each other enough to not take things personally.  with a group as large as Castle Roland, there is no way everyone will agree on everything, it's just not possible.  but we try to make sure that we explain our reasoning.  that way even if we are still disagreeing, we at least know WHY Something as done. 


okay, i am rambling... so I'll wrap it up.  just remember, anyone is welcome to challenge me on any decision made on Castle Roland or the Forums, but the proper place to do that is in private.  either email or private message. 


Have a good one all, and I hope WestcliffWriter finds another home soon, (Like here)

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Well actually westcliff is writting from his own new site, and it was brought up to me by one of my readers as I was thinking of start publishing in GA, so he showed me this to have it in consideration, what westcliff is saying in the privacy of his own site I mean.
And yes I agree on doing somethings private, so this is not a challenge lol you'll know full well enough from skype that when I am challenging something I don't beat around the bush or take subversive barbs at it I just come out and say it lol, no this was more like me trying to find out if maybe other authors/readers that post in CR lib/forum have had any advice in the matter or experience with GA. From what I read in westcliff's site I am erring in the side of not posting with them, if what he is saying is true but wanted more information on it.
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The strange part is I can see both sides of the issue here. Having only recently stepped down as an Admin for CR the Admins do form a tight bond and influence each other, however the one thing we always always try to remind ourselves of is without the Authors and Readers there is nothing. We are there to serve them. It a fine line and I hope none of us have crossed it yet. 

I am glad WestCliff Writer has started his own site and we at the Admins (and Former Admin lol) have reached out to him and offered our assistance. Best of luck to him and GA a divorce is never pretty, the best you can hope for is the children dont get too damaged in the process.

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I used to post on GA and while it is nice to have a more direct control over posting like they do over there. They also do not allow for as much formatting. The way their posting is done often times will remove formatting from the story or it will read it as code and leave it out. (Ans they refused to help me fix it when it was their site that was messing up) The site comes with good and bad but so does every site. For me the Inability to post the stories with the formatting that I wanted was more important than being able to control the posting my self. Then there was the pay to read part that turned me off and I am not sure if they still do that or not.

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GA failing according to one author's opinion...any others? What do you think?

Ooooh, almost a year since this was posted A.B.

Yep and it's still failing... lol

You know when I left GA I had a load of people e-mailing me asking why. I pondered the question from a general and personal perspective. The personal I won't go into because it's old and I've done my ranting. But generally I felt the site too restrictive on freedom of speech. There are two ways to look at this. One angle says I was a guest and so should fall into whatever line is required. The other (which I firmly believe is true) is that GA makes a lot of money off the back of Authors who write for free. In this sense you would think that members would be treated with kindness, respect and praise, along with the freedom to speak out if something is wrong. 

For me it was bad enough some of those guys at GA were making cash from my work, let alone being treated like shit for doing it. 

It may seem a daunting process but I would encourage anyone who is writing for that toxic place to pull their work and either bring it here, IOMFAS or AD... or make your own site like I did. Believe me you'll feel better knowing Myr and Cia are not out partying on cash raped from your work. 

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