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Casting Call from Leap Audio

ken barber

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With the turmoil and discussions brought about by the signing into law of Indiana's RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORATION ACT, LEAP AUDIO announces CASTING for

PLEASE,.,.Come with me... A Science Fiction/Horror set in a world where religion has replaced the state.

Roles available are:
Jeff (16) Lead
Narrator (Jeff as an adult)
Peter (Jeff's Boy friend)
Rebecca (Jeff's Older Sister Roughly 35 yrs old)
Professor Mowbray (a Scientist Roughly 60 yrs old)
Hugo (rebecca's boy friend)
Jeff's Morhter (roughly 50 years old)
Guards (2 male, 1 female)

If interested this is a FAST TURN AROUND SCRIPT. IF YOU CANNOT deliver lines within 2 weeks of getting the script. please do not audition. We need to get this play produced and out by APRIL 30th.

To audition,please record your name, age, location and the following sentence and email it to producer@leapaudio.org

"Most of his face was in shadows. All I could see, really, was his mouth, lit by the glow of the scanner screen. His mouth, and a glitter of reflected light from the frames of his wire-rim glasses."

Thank you for your interest.


If you are interested or have any questions please email the address above. This is an audio play.

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