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Caravan Duty

Kyle Aarons

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Eghas nods then whispers softly.  Quelten give us 3 minutes, then you and Reld unload on the big guy.  everyone else spread out.  ranged weapons for the first volley.  make them count.  then close for combat range.  Try to protect the slaves if you can.  He waits to move out seeing if anyone has questions. 

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Zemzelett the Acrobatic, Half-Elf Bard 2
HP: 17/17 | AC: 15 | Spell Save DC: 13
MP: 3/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/- | Bardic Inspiration: 3/3
Light Crossbow Bolts: 20/20 | Daggers: 1/1
The time for battle is nigh.  Zemzelett crouches behind a rock outcropping and starts whispering an incantation that would paint as many priority targets as he possibly can in Faerie Fire.  Every muscle in his lithe body tenses as he prepares to be the first to act in the group.
Prepared Actions:

1. When party is ready, cast Faerie Fire (Dexterity Save, DC 13) prioritizing these targets within range:

  • Enemy spellcaster.  If there is none, target instead:
  • As many humans as possible.  If still out of range, target instead:
  • As many gnolls as possible.
  • If the prisoners will also be painted, so be it.
2. After casting Faerie Fire, duck behind rock and go prone for additional protection.
Note: In the absence of A.B's map, here is my interpretation of the situation :P:

Red: Big bad Dalec
Yellow: Humans
Green: Gnolls

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(OOC sorry been unexpectedly unavailable for the past couple weeks way behind but will try to catch up) Abram quietly draws his swords and sets them on the ground beside him he takes a knee and aims his crossbow at one of the guards. His intention is to fire one round drop the cross bow grab his swords and charge into melee

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the group spreads out and moves up to close on the group in the upper cave. Surprise is ruined when someone/something from within the larger cave spots Reld and sends a crossbow bolt at him followed by blowing on a warbling horn. It echos loudly off the walls of the pass.


The bolt defects off Reld's armor with 'ding' and the sounds of Gnoll curse words coming out of the cave shortly after the sound of the horn stops.


Zem casts his farie fire and gets a stroke of good luck as all four humans and both Gnolls at the mouth of the smaller cave start to glow (so does one Dwarf, two younger humans and the Copper Dragonkin) ***Note: everyone in the spell effect failed the save***


this allows you all a much better chance of hitting those who are glowing....


Innil since you didn't give me a target I rolled randomly. Your arrow scores a good hit on one of the humans in chain.


Elan'fal you didn't give me a real action so I am going to guess at you shooting your bow at a random target. Dice say you picked the same very unfortunate guy in chain and score a solid hit as well. The guy is not in good shape but not down yet either.


Eghas, with surprise gone and battle starting before you all wanted it, you toss an eldritch blast up at the larger cave into a figure you can only just make out the outline of, but it is holding up a crossbow. It misses but cuases the sniper to scurry back.


At this Reld frowns and shouts, "Go get them others I'll hold the big cave mouth so nothing gets up behind you all!' He then moves at a run toward the mouth of the cave getting another bolt shot at him that misses very badly.


Abram, you line up your shot at one of the now glwing men, (random pick makes it the guy in leather) The shot is a critical hit (rolled a 20) the guy drops to a knee under the massive damage dealt by the shot.


Quelton and D'Narenth you move up rapidly toward the humans but are too far away to get there in one round (had you double move)


Vorador does pretty much what he always does. He casts a spell that will help him with his accuracy on his next combat action.


The two men in chain (one now badly wounded fire down at the two charging up at them. Quleton is missed by a wide margin. D'Narenth takes a bolt to his side for 4 points of damage


the guy in leather glares down at where Zem dove for cover, raises his staff with one hand while clutching at his hip where he was so grievously shot and speaks a pair of arcane words. Zem you find the need to yawn then you fall asleep. Eghas, you are close enough to actually hear him start snoring.


the man with the banded mail taps his shield which in turn cases the pentagram in the center of it to glow for an moment. He says a trio of words, reaches over and touches the man with the staff. You all see some of the wound on his side heal.


the two Gnolls at the cave with the humans look a bit preoccupied with the fact they are glowing, but one sends a bolt down at Eghas and hits for 5 points and the other hits Vorador for 6. they then drop their crossbows and move forward to block D'Narenth and Quelton while drawing short swords.


the three Gnolls at the top all grab younger humanoids as shields and start to back out of sight.


Not a great start for you all but this should prove interesting to see what you all do.

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Zemzelett the Acrobatic, Half-Elf Bard 2

HP: 17/17 | AC: 15 | Hit Dice: 2/2 | Spell Save DC: 13

MP: 2/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/- | Bardic Inspiration: 2/3

Light Crossbow Bolts: 20/20 | Daggers: 1/1


Scarcely had Zemzelett unleashed Faerie Fire when a spellcaster nails him good with another spell he is well-acquainted with. His vision blurs, and his eyes grow heavy and he starts to slump to the ground.  His eyes close, and he starts snoring. 


Or so it seems.


{{ OOC: Sorry Kyle, as a half elf, Zemzelett has the Fey Ancestry class feature.  He has advantage to saving throws against being charmed, and magic cannot put him to sleep }}


The half elf, crouching behind the rock, decides to try and deceive the enemy to think that he is actually sleeping.  He makes loud snoring noises, while secretly conjuring up a sound illusion which he hopes can trick the enemies into fleeing for their lives.  

Action: Cast MINOR ILLUSION: Create 1 minute sound close behind him.  (Note: Minor illusion is a somatic and material-based spell requiring a bit of fleece, but doesn't need a vocal component)

A voice that sounds like a Dwarven drill sergeant barking orders (in Dwarvish) issues forth from behind the half-elf, just around the bend:


"Our scouts have found the criminals! Fighters, attack!!!"

The illusory sound changes into the sound of a veritable squad of heavily-armored fighters yelling in affirmation and marching towards the battlefield.  The half-elf continually amplifies the shouts, footfalls, and clanking noises, so as to produce the effect of reinforcements coming closer and closer.   It takes all the willpower Zemzelett can muster to keep up the minor illusion and make snoring sounds, while preventing himself from laughing out loudly at his trickery.


Young Quelten of Beurden hears the sound, and is filled with inspiration.  Too bad he doesn't know it's fake. 


Bonus Action: Give BARDIC INSPIRATION to Quelten.  For one time during the next 10 minutes, Quelten can add 1d6 to any attack roll, ability check, or saving throw.  If he is able to attack that mage with his maul (instead of Sacred Flame, or no attack needed because Innil killed him), please apply the 1d6 if his attack roll is between 8 to 11.  Otherwise, Rilbur decides when to use it.

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The nonsensical phrase "Concentrate all fire on that super star-destroyer!" suddenly pops into Quelten, complete with the image of a talking fish, but he shrugs off the psionic attack with ease.  {{  OOC:  I just had to throw it in!  Ignore this line. }}


With Abram moving to engage the enemy cleric, Quelten moves forward to engage the other spellcaster.


{{ Move Action:  Move as close to the enemy spellcaster as possible }}


{{ Action:  Either attack the enemy spellcaster in melee, or if out of range throw out a sacred flame cantrip }}

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{{ OOC:  LOL.  I can't really see Eghas kicking you in the face.. as funny as it may sound....}}


When Eghas gets over to Zem, he uses his tail to 'slap' the halfelf in the face until he wakes up.  this was he can keep his hands free and eyes on the enemy.

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Innil arrow shoots at leather wearing spellcaster but watches as the aroow seems to defelct off target a couple of meters before it gets to the guy in black leather

Elan'Fal - You toss a firebolt, but since you didn't give me a target I roled the dice and you went after one of the guys in chain shirt. The firebolt hits.

Vorador unleashes an eldrich blast at the guy in leather and gets a trio of Magic Missiles back at him, staggers him badly.

Quelton moves on two big bads, or at least who look like them, but as he moves close there are wild gusts of wind around the two and you all see his hiar is blowing around wildly. This gives one of the gnolls times to step up to black him from getting to the humanns. It pulls a short sword just as Qulten gouges into it deeply. It is still up, but looks badly hurt.

Abram you find the same thing as you try to move into combat to get to cleric. The wind slows you down and a Gnoll moves up on you blocking your way toward the cleric. Like the one who moved up on Quleton it pays for it with a nasty wound from you, but it doesn't go down.

D'Narenth goes after two with chain shirts. He hits the one Elan'fal didn't. However, as you do this, you notice something very very strange. The guy you hit has very weird looking eyes. In fact the pupils are diamond shaped.

Eghas it takes only a momentary tap to jerk Zem out of his slumber. At this point you realize he wasn't atouually asleep because he is able to jump back up and shake his head as if clearing it.

Reld is out of sight in the cave, but you hear metal on metal

D'Narenth, but the chain shirts move up on you. the one you hit nicks you for 3 points of damage with his battle axe and the other just misses with the war hammer.

The guy in the banded mail shouts out in Gnoll, "get the what the dragonkin and the two blonds are carrying and get them to the tower. Forget about everything else!" He then speaks a tiro of wards and points atvorador. A burst of flame erupts under the youngster, but Vorador is able to jump out of the way in the nick of time.

Quelton, the Gnoll facing you swings at you with a short sward and hits armor, dong no damage.

Abram, the gnoll in front of you manages to hit you for 4 points whit its short sword.

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Zemzelett whispers to Eghas in a low voice. "That guy who nailed me," he says. "He talked in my head. He commanded me to go weak, and I guess I just did."

The half elf takes a quick glance at the battlefield.  All melee fighters are engaged in combat, and one of the humans has conjured up a gust of wind that shielded him from Quelten.  Plus, ranged projectiles don't seem to work against him.  Zemzelett wracks his mind to figure out why on earth this might be the case.


Arcana Check (1d20+1) on the kind of magic that is being used.

Perception Check (1d20+3) on what kind of caster they are faced with.


"Sir Eghas, I am going to use one of the scrolls.  Get your attacks in now, before I cast it."


Removing the spell scroll from his pouch, the half-elf finds the section containing the elven word for "Dark", and starts to mutter an incantation.


Move: Crouch down.

Item Interaction: Remove spell scroll from pocket

Action: Hold Action to cast DARKNESS (15 foot sphere) centered around leather spellcaster and big bads.  Darkness is a Level 2 spell, but since it is mentioned to be Level 3 in the scroll, I assume it has a bigger area of effect?

Trigger: Start of enemy turn

Notes: This darkness cannot be penetrated by darkvision and mundane light cannot illuminate it.  Someone who is caught inside cannot see anything.  If they try to make an attack roll against an enemy, it is with a disadvantage.  They also grant advantage to attack rolls that they can't see.  Interestingly, this does not really affect melee combatants: if Quelten has disadvantage from not being able to see his opponent but his opponent grants him advantage from not being able to see the attacker, then those two cancel each other out.  :P

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"Mithras!" Quelten cries, continuing his assault mercilessly.


Action:  Attack the gnoll blocking path.


Move Action:  Move as far forward as possible without triggering attacks of opportunities.  If gnoll is down, this may let me catch up to the spellcasters -- or may not.

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