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What Do You Want to See, Next?

David McLeod

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Good time of day, everyone,


I'm inordinately pleased to have been asked to contribute stories to the Castle Roland web site. It's become obvious from email messages, that that is considered by many writers whose work I enjoy and admire to be an accolade.


So far, the stories posted have been of the "swords and sorcery" (or, less politely, "Dungeons and Dragons" ®) genre.


Where would you like me to go next? I have three science-fiction stories featuring space ships and telepathic boys ("meta humans") that encompasses three realities. I plan to rewrite that so that it consists of a single (and more coherent story than originally posted) story.


I have a 150,000-word D&D/S&S story, the first I ever published, that might be pretty good if polished.


And there's the Greek gods and dryads theme.


Finally, I'd like to write something original for this site. Kind of a "thank you" for being invited to post here.


But, in the vernacular, I'm conflicted. What do you want to see?


If you'd rather, please consider replying to oh.translators@gmail.com.


Thank you,



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David, one person's exciting idea does not mean the other person will like it too, grin.... When I read about the telepathic boys in your post, I thought about many years ago, enjoying stories about 'human-animal' telepaths. I thought it was so cool an idea to be linked to an animal and explore the world through them. Whatever you offer us next will be well written and enjoyable though.

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First, thank you all for your thoughts. Second, I apologize for screwing up the email address: it's boh.translators@gmail.com.


Zergrinch: one of my bosses, after reading a proposal I'd written for him, asked me if I had been "drinking my bath water." I think it was his way of saying "highly improbable." OTOH, some combination might work. I gather you're a "brainstormer." Thank you.


Rilbur, thanks for your kind words. May you never regret them.


Mark C: there are telepathic links with dragons in a couple of stories (two of which are in the CR queue). That could be expanded. I'm thinking aloud, here. Don't want to do dogs, cats, horses. Possibly not a leitmotif, but an encounter. That probably doesn't make sense. I said I was thinking, didn't I?


Your Majesty: it's still on the table and I see your email waiting.


Thank you all...the topic is still open for discussion.



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David, you make perfect sense. I also would not want to see a link with dogs, cats, etc. I would pick a more exotic animal such as ferret, mink or wolverine or kinkajou... Something unexpected. Whatever you decide, it will be good.

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