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Something Positive (Webcomic)


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We don't really have a good section for Webcomics, but based on the fact that the verbs used to describe them are usually 'written' and 'read' (though drawn comes very close as a substitute for the first, obviously), I decided to place this in with 'books/authors'.  Besides, a good webcomic is usually read for the story more than the artwork.


Something Positive is very, very, very, very dark humor.  Did I mention it was dark?  And twisted?


That said, the author has an incredible ability to create stories that mean something.  I love his work.  Sure, the once-off gags aren't always that great (but frequently are).  But his character development is incredible, as is his ability to build scenes of real, emotional power.  Take for example my favorite sequence of his -- ever.  Read about a week's worth of comics, until the end of the arc.  (Even if you don't read the entire arc, read the section in the second link, it's the most relevant to the spoilers below)


This sequence shows the author's rather contemptuous brand of satire, attacking any and all comers equally.  (Seriously, I don't think there is anyone or anything he won't take on).  But the ending...  That's where the real beauty of this author lies.  When Fred announces his Christianity, and everyone else is simply shocked at it... the way he comes home and cries, praying...  If anyone were to convert me to Christianity (a religion I personally despise), it'd be the example of people like Fred.


If I could write a story half as 'true' as that one section...  It's scenes like this that keep me coming back and re-reading this webcomic.  It's dark, twisted, but it also has it's own, unique brand of beauty.  Hell, there are plenty of scenes that have that type of beauty... but often you have to know the characters to really get them.  This one comes to mind.  Mike is...  well, he's not very nice.  But that trip was a major payoff.


This comic can be a major NSFW, but... if you take the time to get into it, and accept that it's a dark, biting satire... it really is quite good.

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