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The Throw Away Boy


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He walks the streets at midnight,
The shadows are his friend,
He shivers from the cold,
And wishes for the end.

He wonders how he got here,
How life had gone so wrong,
Just a day ago they loved him,
He had a loving home.

His body now feels nothing,
He's numb from the bitter cold,
How could this ever happen.
To someone twelve years old.

What choices have I got?
I have no place to stay?
I really don't understand it,
All I did was say, "I'm gay."

His tears had all but ended,
Decisions must be made.
"Do you think that guy will hurt me?
Do you think he'll really pay?"

Perhaps he'll see I'm hungry,
And keep me all the night.
I hope he's not an angry guy,
The type who likes to fight.

They're children made for hugging.
They're not some human toy.
I wish I'd found him earlier,
He's not a throw away boy.

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That guy the boy had met,

Was he a beast or man?

He did nothing as yet.
Has he an evil plan?


What happens to him next?

I hope he doesn't die.

That fate would leave me vexed.

Whose eyes would still be dry?


This poem, though short, was sweet.

With feelings deep and true.

To read it was a treat.

Hope that boy wasn't you.

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Thanks for that. No it wasn't me. But it very well could have been.


The Ending stanza is different then I first wrote it.

Originally it was:


They're children made for hugging.
They're not some human toy.
I wish I'd found him earlier,
He was not a throw away boy.


The tense was such that it caused one reader to comment through tears. So I chose to leave it worded so that the reader could choose in their minds the fate of the child written.


I'm glad you found it worthy. It is my hope that everyone would do what they are able to do to help one so lost. It's something I've done throughout my life and will continue to do as long as I draw breath.

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Wow!! And I say that with a tear in my eye. So many of us can relate to your poem. So many of us have been throw away boys. I applaud your life's work. 


Thanks so much. My goal is to eliminate it's need. If I had the money I would just build another boy's town for all kids displaced for whatever reason. A place where they could be safe, continue their education stay fed and clothed and be themselves regardless of sexual identity, gender, race or background. THAT would be my dream.

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