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Time Conventions


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In this thread, I gather together the various conventions pertaining to time that Kyle has given out.

  • Each day has 24 hours, each hour has 60 minutes, and each minute has 60 seconds.
  • Each year has 13 months, and each month has 28 days, for a total of 364 days/year.
  • I neglected to ask Kyle about weeks in relation to days and months.
  • Based on D&D conventions, each combat round, in which characters can make a move and take 1 action, 1 bonus action, and 1 reaction, consists of 6 seconds.


  • Elves: Calendar is based on number of years since the great temple Raren Aethel, dedicated to the spirit which created all Elves, was destroyed by an orakin army (SRA - Succeeding Raren Aethel)
  • Dwarves: Calender is based on number of years after the first stone was laid at the ancient Dwarven fortress of Faldir Mun (FSFM - First Stone Faldir Mun)
  • Dragons: Calender is based on number of years since the dissolution of the Dragon Council, and civil wars broke out between dragon kin of different colors (PES - Post Earth Shatter)
  • Humans: Calendar is based on number of years after the establishment of the first human-controlled kingdom (IS - Individual Sovereignty)


  • Month names are yet to be determined.  Our convention of January, February, March, etc. is based on Roman system, and therefore won't be the same.
  • Day names are yet to be determined.  Our convention of Sunday, Monday, etc. is based on Norse mythology, and therefore will have to be changed.


  • In the Northern continent, the lunar cycle is rapidly approaching the Seeding Moon, a phase which is is normally celebrated by the followers of the goddess Veldora, as a time to plant crops.


  • Each deity has an associated Holy day celebrated by its adherents.  The list of holy days is yet to be determined.
  • Each locality has its own local holidays, such as Winter Fest for Old Port.

Kyle is not using Kandric Saga age-equivalency conventions.  What follows below is information culled from the 5th Edition Players Handbook

  • Dragonborn mature quickly, attaining the size and development of a 10-year old human child by 3.  They reach adulthood by 15, and live to be around 80.
  • Dwarves mature at the same rate as humans.  They are considered young until 50, and live an average of 350 years.
  • Elves are considered children until they declare themselves adults, sometime after age 100.  Elves can live to be 750 years.
  • Gnomes mature at the same rate as humans.  They are expected to settle down to an adult life by 40, and live from 350 to almost 500 years.
  • Half-Elves mature at the same rate as humans.  They reach adulthood at around 20, and live to over 180 years.
  • Half-Orcs mature at around age 14, age noticeably faster than humans, and rarely live over 75 years.
  • Halflings reach adulthood at 20 and live into the middle of their second century (i.e. 250 years).
  • Humans reach adulthood in their late teens and live less than a century.
  • Tieflings mature at the same rate as humans, but live a few years longer.
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This is placed in a separate post to facilitate easier updating, since the previous section won't change that much.


Important Dates:

  • -1542 SRA / -2225 FSFM / -3034 IS / 0 PES: Dragon civil war begins
  • 0 SRA / -683 FSFM / -1492 IS / 1542 PES: Great Elven temple Raren Aethel destroyed by orakin
  • 161 SRA / -522 FSFM / -1,331 IS / 1703 PES: Dwarves protect elven refugees in the Nyte Glades
  • 683 SRA / 0 FSFM / -809 IS / 2225 PES: First stone laid at Dwarven Fortress, Faldir Mun
  • 1492 SRA / 809 FSFM / 0 IS / 3034 PES: First human-controlled kingdom established

Campaign Dates:

  • Autumn, 2336 SRA / 1653 FSFM / 844 IS / 3878 PES: Orakin raiders overrun Old Port.
  • Winter, 2337 SRA / 1654 FSFM / 845 IS / 3879 PES: Old Port liberated by the Crimson Legion.  Adventurers recruited to rescue Talarc Solyeth transported from the Fallern Tower in the Swamp of Bones by a magical storm to the Southern continent.
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