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"And Justice for all" Wrap up Discussion

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All thee authors will hold a panel, question and answer, live session with any who wish to participate. 
The Session will be on Sunday February 1st and will begin at 4:15 Eastern Standard Time and will last for an hour.


Roland, Eric and Ken will take questions on the story itself, the process, working with each other and more. 

This is a chance for the readers to get some real insight into what the Authors do to build the stories.


Space is limited so sign up now. The chat system we use is adobe connect and is very anonymous, all you have to do is give us a name. (you can pick any name)


Email Castlerolandpr@gmail.com

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so.... is anyone actually interested in this Author chat?



YES SIR.... Emperor Lord Roland... or is it...



(and the Dark Wizard I was talking about is Roland... I don't know a better way to describe him, right now.)


I'll let the other board members decide...


I for one enjoyed this last live Chat... So Please add me to the list to attend this one... though are you sure it will last only a 'Hour'.... the last one was way over 2 hours or so... and I loved every minuet of it...


So count me in for this one.

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As a former Seattlelite, I agree... Denis_p I think the author chat a great idea but not sure I can make it. May be driving to Vegas that day, for three days.... Wouldn't it be cool to have it videotaped!

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hey!  hows you get my picture?!?!  :P

That information is [redacted] and due to direct orders from [redacted] the [redacted] information cannot be supplied. Since [redacted] so ordered the [redaction] it would be improper for me to answer your inquiry at this time even though the [redacted] who asked the [redacted] are indeed one and the [redacted]. [redacted] should already know that the [redacted] in question was [redacted] as per his [redacted].

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