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Talk about calling your shot!


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But hey, shouldn't you be writing? There are certain individuals on this plane of existence that should not be permitted to let their words go unwritten. You are one of those individuals. And since we're waiting for more chapters then may I suggest you get your firmly rounded posterior back to your keyboard for some more productive influence.


That's better.

You'll have plenty of time for fun and games when your fingers are worn to nubs from pounding out words on your keyboard. Of COURSE, that will be tempered by voice to text until you are so hoarse that you can't beg for help. And finally by writing with a pencil in your mouth poking at the keys. THEN you can watch your videos. That is the price of greatness. Just keep in mind this path was chosen by you. Once started, you can not deviate. Such is your lot in life.SOME have greatness thrust upon them, others just write about it; or video and post it.

We're watching, camera's raised at the ready.

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