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Revolutions Universe Anniversary

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The end of January is the Second Anniversary of the Revolutions Universe. For two years authors have been writing and collaborating on the flow of stories.


Writing in a Universe has its own unique challenges and rewards. Each story has to be carefully plotted against the master timeline and The other stories. Working hand in hand with other authors as an amazing opportunity for growth and learning.


To Mark this momentous occasion Roland, ("New Beginnings") Eric Aune ("Changing Connections") and Ken Barber ("Dawns Early Light") have created a 9 chapter mini-series combining all three stories. As the Characters perform a daring mission, the kicks of the actual war of the Civil War, they are faced with with decisions and actions they have never even imagined and attempt feats many would never even consider.


This is one you will not want to miss.


The 9 chapter mini-series will be post over 9 consecutive days.


More to follow..............

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I pretty much thought that was the case but I was hoping I would not have to redo my Read list yet o n c e again, grin... I started using a pencil since I have to rewrite it so often with all the great reads on this site and new items rolling out constantly. Thanks for the suggestion (really!), Eric.

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Just a sample. A teaser. A trailer, if you will:

"Sabre Squadron this is Sabre 1 move to Flight combat formation.  13 break flight 4 off and link up with Air Force 1."


"Flight 4 breaking off."


"IFF and area radar Go live now.  Stay sharp boys."


"I have Justice 1 on Radar.  Sabre 5 take Flight 2 and begin your turn to take up escort positions.  Flight 1 and 3 will move past and clear any chasers."


"Sabre 1 this is Sabre 13 we have Air Force 1 on radar, on course.  Holy Shit Air Force 2 and NEACAP are in the air. "


"Sabre 13 verify Air Force 2 and NEACAP in the air."


"Roger 1 and making tracks north."


Commander Voltz thought for a second, nothing in the briefing mission mentioned Air Force 2 or NEACAP.  That meant only one thing.  "Flight 3 splash Air Force 2 and NEACAP."


"Roger moving into attack formation."  The four jets in flight 3 rocketed forward in V-formation closing the gap.  The large lumbering planes would not stand a chance if they closed the distance before they engaged.


"Sabre 1, Sabre 2 we have a flight of F-16s firing on Justice 1.  Justice 1 is making evasive maneuvers and damn that big bitch is dancing."


"Flight 1 V-formation.  Come across the nose of Justice 1 use her bulk to hide us."


"Flight 3 moving into attack position on Air Force 2."


And that partial scene, is just one of dozens of scenes.

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After reading the entire JFA series in one fell swoop last night and early this morning, my first response was "Wowie ... I just read all chapters of JFA at one sitting - holy cow - GOOD JOB!  AWE-SOME!"  It was definitely one of those stories that I couldn't put down.  I will warn you, dear readers, that if you like cliffhangers then you are in for a treat!  Each chapter ends in a cliffhanger.  Not to worry, though.  They will be posted one after another on successive days - woo hoo!  So, you will not have to suffer for very long, heh.  Enjoy.

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Here is a little excerpt from "And Justice For All"


When the road turned to the west, he stopped for a moment to check the map. From what he could guess, he was a little over a mile from the entrance and drove about half a mile before stopping. He stashed the bike in the woods near the road, removed his helmet and began to make his way toward where he thought the entrance was located. He could feel the cold November night on his face with his helmet off.  He pulled a stocking cap out of the pocket of his leathers and put it on.  Lucky for him, his leathers were thick enough to keep him warm, so other than his face, the rest of his body was fine. He was about quarter of a mile from where he thought the entrance was, when he heard several loud gunshots. He paused for a moment and curiosity got the better of him and he ran forward. He saw lights ahead and slowed down a little. He kept going forward and hiding in the trees. He saw someone in the guard shack and beyond it was an SUV. He crept forward and was brought up short when he saw a body lying on the ground. As he got closer, he saw a big hole in the door of the SUV and there was what looked like a man’s head leaning against the window, like he was asleep. He crouched there in shock. What the hell had happened here?

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Just a reminder for those that interested on February 1, 2015 at 4:15 EST Castle Roland will be hosting a live Chat featuring all Three Authors of "And Justice For All"

All Are invited to attend but space is limited to a total of 25 we have about 10 spaces left and expect it to fill quickly. 


Email castlerolandpr@gmail.com to reserve a space today, or just reply here.


The Chat will be hosted by
Jon Don-"And Justice for All" Time Line Researcher

Allen- "And Justice for All" Research Assistant and Final review editor.


Some of the rest of the Edit staff will be joining us as well so this will be a great opportunity to not only discuss the story but the process to polish the final project as well.


The authors are all very excited to talk about the story, answer your questions and listen to your feedback

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"And Justice For All"... What does that mean?  What will the characters be faced with in this mini series?  This story builds on three other stories.  It is action packed and each chapter will leave you hanging.  Cliff hangers?  oh yeah.  But luckily since all 9 chapters will be posted on 9 consecutive days you won't have to wait long. I know you will enjoy this mini series.  I certainly did.  Yeah, i admit I got an early peak since I had the pleasure to be one of the editors for the story.  Enjoy!

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