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Teaser "The chronicles of Valana Volume 1: Shadowlands"


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I'm hoping to get the story finished before xmas break is over. I'm half way through writing it. So hopefully if my editor can finish editing it in a good time according to his schedule as well I can start having it published in end Jan. Early Feb. So here's a small....teaser...:P



The chronicles of valana Volume 1: Shadowlands







This story is 100% fictional (DUH!! :P).


This story will feature sexual scenes between boys and boys, boys and girls of various ages so if it’s something you don’t like/agree with or it is not legal in your area/country or are not as of yet of legal age to be reading this sort of stuff then don’t read any further.


I welcome feedback emails with healthy criticism, suggestions etc. or just plain correspondence, but flames will be ignored and those email addresses will be added to the block sender’s list.


Send your feedback emails to: ckskb1@yahoo.com and add “BCC list” along with your comments/feedback if you want me to add you to the list of people I will be emailing with updates and release dates of new chapters/stories.






Chapter One: Manhattan Latchkeys


* * *


Evil’s will ancient beyond aeons, first of all, it wills after aeons.

An offspring of the Fairfolk, of high descent amongst the Fairfolk.

An offspring of the speakers, highest and first amongst the speakers.

Together they shall be born, under a pale moon on the last of summer’s days they shall be born.


* * *


It was one of those days when the glorious sun was shining on the towering urban jungle of midtown Manhattan preventing the sunlight from touching the floor, much like it does on the canopy of the equatorial jungle rainforests.


Marco and Lucas were avoiding the tall buildings of the great city and had wandered into Central Park to find a nice little vendor that served iced fruit flavoured drinks. Ever since Lucas first kissed his best friend on the lips and tasted the sweet fruit juice of strawberry, it had been his flavour of choice from that time on.


Marco chose grape and lemongrass ever since then, which made Lucas wonder if the flavour meant anything to him in a deeper sense. They chatted about school and the weekend, including the trophy Marco had won for completely outclassing his opponents in every class of Archery. Lucas, on the other hand, had no real extracurricular hobbies. He would often watch his best friend win every archery award that stood in his way. Lucas preferred to read books on science and chemistry or he would just wander the city trying to find new nooks and surprises he hadn't noticed before.


Marco drank his grape-lemongrass slushy and looked over at his best friend as he drunk his and they talked about any subject they could think of. He thought Lucas was so cute and he loved when they kissed and played together, but even though as pronounced yet he had started seeing girls a different way of late.

When in younger days all girls were “yucky”, now his twelve year old mind found some of them, an increasing amount of them, “cute” and he would feel all tingly inside.

They had grown up together ever since Lucas had arrived at NYC at the age of four. They had befriended each other instantly. Marco had dared and made the first sexual exploration move when they were ten and Lucas had responded in kind and he still remembered that first kiss when they were almost ten.


Lucas’ mind was on the old Artifacts Museum that was recently demolished not far from where they were drinking their cold refreshments. One of their teachers from their school was outraged that the demolition had no respect for the artifacts housed in the museum that they actually started to tear the place down before they had even finished taking out all the exhibits. Such carelessness was beyond understanding and not all the items were accounted for.

They agreed to go search through the ruins of the museum before they would be all cleared out for the new construction during the weekend.


That night, Marco sat on his window ledge in his pajamas as he had done for the last few months now. He would sit at the end of the ledge and dream of fantasy lands, of exploration, of mighty battles and faraway people with exotic cultures, of all the things that boys dream about at that age but of late, his dreams, awake or asleep, were being plagued by something inconceivable to his young mind. It had been building for some time now, that urge, uncontrollable and unstoppable, like something was beckoning him, was calling out for him. Something he had to do, to achieve and it was vexing him intensely.

Lucas had also been feeling similarly, but his mind worked differently. Less emotion, more logic so he was better equipped to set it aside for prolonged periods of time.


As they lay in their beds sleeping, in their dreams, something they could not understand appeared. A form of a human but not quite human. He was inside a dark place. Some light was penetrating the darkness, but not enough so that they could make out its features. He looked to be no taller than a child, but he carried himself as far more than a child.

The he-form of a child walked outside of a tent, large, much, much larger than what was used by boy scouts on Earth. The rising golden red sun hid its features from them as it rose from within the sea giving it a red hue. He carried himself with an air of a King. Someone learned in authority yet not corrupted by it.

They would only see what he was wearing, but not with great detail. He was wearing pants made from leather, but it seemed to be some kind of refined leather. On top of his pants, he had various armour protections surrounding the knees, ankles and around the femoral joints. On top he wore what looked like silk-woven shirt that was painted red by the blurry dream sun. Again on the joints of the arms and hands he had armour protection as well as some covering his torso. He stood in front of what looked to be a huge army. He looked tall and proud. Then without any hesitation he spoke as everyone fell silent.

“It begins as the lightest of breezes. It dances above the death cries of men and elves. It is moved by need unconquerable and uncontrollable….” The voice fainted and they woke up.


It was the weekend so the construction crew’s work had been suspended until Monday. Marco met Lucas on the doorsteps of his house and they set out to go exploring the demolished museum. After all, how often do two twelve year old boys get to go treasure hunting on forbidden ground right on their doorstep?

The metal lattice fence wasn't locked up very securely and Lucas was able to find a way in.

The place was just a mass of rubble with concrete reinforcement bars sticking out the jutting piles of building  but to Lucas, he felt like Indiana Jones and in there somewhere was a jewel he needed to rescue without being seen by the evil-doers of his fantasy plot.

They entered the ruins of the demolished museum, turning over the rubble thinking they will find a treasure from some fantasy land or maybe a king's crown or some other thing.

They messed about at the rubble, turning over what they could and tossing away what artifacts they didn't like and keeping those they liked. Soon enough their pockets were full.

"Bow before your king!" Marco said, wearing a very old looking gold medallion, changing his voice to try and imitate one of the king voices he had heard in one movie or another.


Lucas looked around to him and poked his tongue out at his best friend.

"Stop messing around and let's go before someone finds us," he said and went to Marco.

He touched the medallion to remove it from his friend's neck. Logic said they should not be seen wearing this in public but the moment his fingertips made contact with the medallion, he felt something like a "tag" like vertigo. The demolished building and NYC was pushed out of his field of view. Darkness replaced it and a variety of different colours.

Marco could only see Lucas as they passed through a "tube" of ever-changing colours.


Lucas felt a thud in his chest. ‘That wasn't normal, right?’ A fleeting thought in his mind. then he was suddenly pulled, or pushed, he couldn't tell, so fast that everything seemed to slip away effortlessly into a psychedelic tube with colours splashing faster than the eye could make out any shapes. It didn't last long. Their feet touched a solid surface. Some ground covered with leaves.

“Marco?” he said, searching for his best friend as he saw tall pine trees shake outwards from their location as if struck by a shock wave.


Marco felt his feet touch the ground and then a multitude of sensations all at once. He felt pain above all else. Such intense pain as he had never felt before, he felt as if his bones, his muscles, his skin, his very soul was being split open and then reforged back into a unified piece. He could hear someone screaming, but it took him a second to recognise that it was actually him who was screaming at the top of his lungs from the pain. If he could have removed the pain, he would have understood that there were an array of other sensations as well. Like longing satiated, like need fulfilled, like a sense of belonging, like so much new potential at his fingertips.

Marco felt himself slip away as his eyes darkened and he fell out of consciousness.


Lucas scrambled to his side and did the first thing any person with some first-aid basic knowledge might do. He poked him in the head.

"Marco? You awake?"

There was no answer.

"Marco?" he asked again then frowned as concern drifted over him. His friend might actually be hurt. He reached for his phone but realised he must have lost it on the journey somewhere. Okay he could do this. He breathed a sigh of relief when he pushed his ear on the boy’s nose and felt the boy breathing as a faint exhale of breath tickled him. If he was breathing, that meant his heart was still beating. He also knew that he shouldn't move him in case he had a spinal injury, but it didn't look like anything was sticking out at a funny angle. A head injury would be bad. What if his eyesight was damaged and he couldn't take part in any more archery competitions or he was brain damaged and had amnesia?!


Lucas pushed the negative thoughts aside and cradled the boy’s head and brushed his blond hair out of his eyes. There was a bit of blood but he might be okay once he woke up and once he woke up they could figure out why they are in a forest.


Marco's eyes opened and looked into Lucas's.

"We had a little tumble," Lucas explained.


Marco’s eyes focused. He got up on his knees and kissed Lucas on his lips as he hugged him close.

"That hurt!! What happened? Where are we? Forest? There are no forests in Manhattan!" he spoke and looked around as he got up and dusted himself. He helped Lucas up.


They started looking around dazed. Marco was about to say something when he heard someone yell behind him.

He turned on his feet and saw a towering bull of a man in chainmail armour…wait CHAINMAIL ARMOUR? Come against them with a hand raised above his head.

Marco raised his eyes and saw a sword clutched on that raised hand. Something deep inside Marco told him that this was no toy, that this was a very much real and very much lethal sword and that this man for whatever reason wanted to kill him or them. He heard Lucas whimper next to him and the man speak some unknown language.

He didn't allow a moment for thought. He had no weapon. He had nothing with which to defend himself and Lucas. He placed a hand on Lucas’ shoulder and brought him behind him protectively. He didn't know why or how he knew what to do or even what he did, but he extended his hand and thought of one word.......



Stay tuned for more...when the story is published! :D:P:D

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